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Dear Diary

Community Member
so.. im trying to pimp ma car out but the damn thing wont work grrr!
anyways, im questing for superior form, because it looks kwl and thats the only reason thats needed....DUDE, why doze my brother smell like puke bah! talk2hand

atm im trying to write a CV so i can go work at the new subway that is opening in mosgiel ( i no, subway in mosgiel, exciteing ae) not rely but still, finaly sum fast food. i gotta get a job so i can buy more things and save petral monys
ya know what would be kwl, if it was the 60s, man i wish i was born in the 60s, stuff wud b way cheeper bk then aand soo cool, i mean think of all the hippys
( goes off into dreamland)
yah no what i was thinkin just then, nt about hippys but when i was 13 and traped at home i was thinkin what it would be like to be 16, i would sertanly be free to do whatever i want then, and i wouldnt hav my phobia of needles.
reality-----im still traped, noo freedom whatsoever and im haveing nighmares of when im next gunna have to go to the dentist nd gt a filling (about a month ago, but mum neva made the appointment and shes obviousely forgotten, hehe)
but seriousely. in 1913ish 13-yr olds were geting marryed, at least thats what i think, well ya see sht lik that in the movies.
going away from the angryness...actuly i wanna hav a rant about what happend to me in zomg this morning. i was going about my buisness and trying ta gt sum sht off the takio drums so i cn gt chrys axe or sumthin nd i was also doing the kill 20 drum quest, i killd 20 nd was off to gt ma reward and i came buy this guy who was getting malled by drums nd thaught to myself ( im feeling generouse, ill help this guy out by flinging a few water bombs to side track the damn drums) coz im a helpfull gal. well i did nd then went on ma way. a few sec later the guy comes to me nd sez "i was complietly able to handle that situation myself" i sed
"sorry, i was jst tryn ta help"
he sez " i dnt want you to throw me off as weak and because of you the chance for orbs and loot was halfed"
i sed "sorry i was just trying to help, i didnt mean to offend you and i never thaught you were weak, im just a helpfull person"
i mean, what a t**t! if hes so absorbed in the game, he needs to wake up.
obviousely he doznt deserve ppl to be nice to hm. wat an arrogent a-hole
lol hes prob som nerd wif big round thick glasses with picturs of space invaders printed on his, size too small, whites......WTF

ohh im gunna dye my hair purple, when i have the chance. ill tell ya more about that after XX heart

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