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Dinosaur Fanatic.
Username: Nutmegmeg
Questing?: gift of the goddess
Quest Link: gaiaonline.com/forum/t.42821111/
Favorite Movie?: Fear and Loathing
Why do you deserve a donation?: i dont, i just want one User Image
Sup? diaper rash


1.do you have any cool talents?
drawing skills?

2.if you could move anywhere, where would it be?
the plantation across the highway from my neighborhood P:

3.What's the worst thing you've ever done?
killed someone xd lied. i guess?

4.what is your favorite video game?

5.do you remember your dreams?

6.are your dreams in color or black and white?

7.have a myspace?

8.play an instrument?
piano. i'm gonna learn the guitar in 9th grade ^_^

9.do you believe in aliens?

10.what's the craziest thing you've ever done?
the only thing i can REMEMBER is being me saying things to people i dont know (i do it ALL. THE. TIME) one halloween the group i was with sang christmas carols instead of saying "trick-or-treat" xd (we got extra candy from people for that xd ) i was a christmas ninja for halloween. i have rainbow socks like the socks you can buy here, on gaia. (they're above the knee high)
11.how many siblings do you have?

12.do you enjoy sports?
kinda but i dont like playing actual games. just messing around with the equipment. tossing the ball back and forth, etc.

13.what do you watch on t.v.?
george lopez, the mentalist, numb3rs, 24, grey's anatomy, ugly betty, how i met your mother, etc.

14.what do you sleep in?
a bed. O.o;;

15.how often do you brush your teeth?
every day (twice)

16.what is the longest you've gone without showering?
i'd rather not say xd (it was summer and i didnt leave the house so i wasnt sweaty and dirty! P: )

17.do you think females should shave?
yes. but not their head. O_o;;; (or their arms, either)

18.do you pay attention to politics?

19.where do you see yourself ten years from now?
maybe an artist/cartoonist of some kind?

20.do you have any phobias?
nope. ^_^


21.favorite color?
blue(forgot the shade), bright orange, sunny yellow, neon green

22.favorite animal?

23.favorite musical artist?
yellowcard, atm.

24.favorite actor?
steve carell? (sp.?) i really dont have a FAVORITE...
25.favorite actress?
cant remember names

26.favorite book?
percy jackson and the olympians (series)

27.favorite store?
target, barnes and noble, books a million, hot topic

28.favorite celebrity?
me~ xd jk.

29.favorite food?
any, really. there are just a few foods i dont like :]

30.favorite place?
my friend's neighborhood's neighborhood xd

31.favorite relative?

32.favorite planet?

33.favorite country?

34.favorite continent?
north america

35.favorite season?
all 'cept winter (unless there's snow, winter just plain sucks)

36.favorite website?
gaia, deviantart, hotmail

37.favorite smell?
paint, fresh cut grass, dogs <33

38.favorite sport?
soccer and badminton

39.favorite language(other than english)

40.favorite holiday?
christmas, valentines day(only if i have a boyfriend)

have you ever.

41.have you ever stolen from a store?

42.have you ever stolen from a friend?

43.have you ever broken the law?

44.have you ever done something embarrassing?(if so please share)
someone pants me in gym class. only, like, 5 people say, thankfully.

45.have you ever broken a bone?
almost broke through my left leg

46.have you ever been a fight?
not really. more like a couple hits back and forth but not an ACTUAL fight.

47.have you ever lied to your parents?
yup sweatdrop

48.have you ever run out of toilet paper in a public bathroom?
yes ;=;

49.have you ever had head lice?
yeah. not fun. T^T

50.have you ever wore underwear on your head?
no xd

51.have you ever shared a toothbrush?
ew, no.

52.have you ever cheated on someone?

53.have you ever been cheated on?
nope :]

54.have you ever peed your pants?if yes from what?
yes, laughing so hard! xDDD

55.have you ever told a teacher off?
im my mind, xD

56.have you ever gone ice skating?
no T^T

57.have you ever gone horseback riding?
i think so.

58have you ever worn clothing that belonged to the opposite sex?
yes heart

59.have you ever been in a car accident?

60.have you ever finished a quest?
i guess.

what would you do.

61.what would you do if your house burned down?
live in a box heart

62.what would you do if you lost your best friend?
get a boyfriend

63.what would you do if your mother was a midget?
treat her like a normal person

64.what would you do if you grew 3 feet over night?
be freaked out (i'd be 8'1o" O_O;;; )

65.what would you do if your car got stolen?
i have no car! twisted

66.what would you do if your sibling was addicted to drugs?
steal their drugs every time they bought more and throw them away. twisted

67.what would you do if your grandparents brought up their sex life?
ask to change the subject sweatdrop

68.what would you do if you saw your parents doing the nasty?
leave. now.

69.what would you do if your friends threw a surprise party for you?
hug everyone who came! heart

70.what would you do if your pants ripped?
put on another pair xd (you didnt specify where it happened >3 )

71.what would you do if someone offered you 100 bucks to strip in public?
call them a b*****d, kick in the leg, and run)

72.what would you do if you were a cartoon character?
do things only cartoons can do/ develop super powers heart

73.what would you do if you woke up in the hospital?
as what happened, duh!

74.what would you do if you met your favorite celebrity?
i dont have one so it wouldnt happen sweatdrop

75.what would you do if you found out you had 1 week to live?
ask out the person i like and also tell them i have 1 week to live so they might say yes :]

76.what would you do if you found out you were adopted?
i'd wanna meet my real parents if they were alive..

77.what would you do if you saw someone take an old ladies purse?
call the popo (no, i dont like in canada xd )

78.what would you do if someone offered you 1 million to lick an animals butt?
i'd get the cash first and them run off xd >3

79.what would you do if you got lost on an island?
freak out and try to call someone on my cell. technology! twisted

80.what would you do if you were locked in a room filled with thousands of bugs?
freak out!!

this or that?

81.sugar or spice?

82.comedy or tragedy?

83.night or day?
weekends alone-night, weekends at friend's house- day sweatdrop

84.fly or swim?
swim (if it's super fast, can breath underwater swimming)

85.up or down?

86.in or out?

87.round or square?

88.big or small?

89.short or tall?

90.angel or demon?

91.boy or girl?

92.polka dots or stripes?
polka dots

93.pen or pencil?

94.spiral notebook or composition book?
spiral, ftw. composition can go f*ck itself xd

95.crayons or markers?
markers (unless there's small coloring spaces)

96.loud or quiet?

97.vans or converse?

98.car or truck?

99.frog or snake?

100.fiction or non-fiction?

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