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Horror Story Progress
Like Father Like Son: The End
By Marc Monroy

I can't believe I've been in the hospital for a month. I just thought I was out for a few days but a month? I wonder what went on while I was out. "Ryan?" I said. "Yes Carissa you need something?" he asked. "It's not that. I just wanted to thank you for saving my life.", I replied, "But what could I do in return?" Ryan smiled and said, " There is one way." He started to lean closer to me and our lips touched and we kissed. After that I sighed. Then my mother came in. "Are you okay honey?" She asked. "Yeah mom I'm fine." Then the nurse walked in. "Mrs Johnson, she should be ready to go home today." She said. In a way I was delighted, but then again in a way I wasn't. I am because I could be with Ryan, the bad part is my brother.
I frowned. "Carissa what's the matter?" Ryan asked. "I want to see A.J." I said. My mother looked at me like I was nuts. "Honey you really want to see him?" My mother asked. "Please mom I want to see him." I pleaded. She sighed and said we would visit him later. I got dressed in fresh clothes and we left the hospital. When My mother was driving me home and I saw someone watching me. "Is something wrong Carissa?" Ryan. "No, nothings wrong." I replied. I just kept staring but I couldn't see his face it was covered. Once we got home I went into my room and then I stopped at the sight of a blood stain on the floor. I put my hand on my gut remembering what happened that day. For most of the day I just lied in my bed thinking about A.J. Then I kept remembering when he stabbed me and hated him. I hated him then loved him again and hated him some more. I turned over and ended up falling asleep.
I was in a dark room with no lights and I just stood alone; no Ryan, no mom, no A.J. Then all of a sudden I saw The man I caught staring at me as I passed. He strapped me to a chair and then he had a knife and started to stab at me constantly. I woke up screaming my head off and yelling out begging for whoever it was to stop. Ryan and my mom ran into the room. I just continued screaming and saying the same words over and over again. "Carissa calm down your okay, no ones hurting you." Ryan said. I just kept on tossing and turning frantically. Ryan put his arms around me telling me that I was okay. I was really awake this time and crying. "Carissa it's going to be okay no one is hurting you." Ryan said calmly stroking my hair.
What just happened? The dream seemed like real life, well dreams are like that but this was different. The man from earlier, I wonder who he could be. But I didn't really want to find out. I saw my mom behind Ryan. "Honey, are you sure you want to visit your brother right now?" My mother asked. "Yes." I replied wiping tears off my face. We got into the car and drove to the juvenile hall. About half way there I saw the same man gain watching me as I pass. I had the worst feeling about him.
Once we arrived and went inside a police officer lead us to his cell. I saw him, there he was just facing the wall. He turned around. "Carissa is that you?" He asked. I broke out in tears. "Is this what I get for loving you and treating you how others didn't?!" I shouted. He stayed silent observing The bandages on my arm. "Brother, why did you do it?" I asked. "Because I wasn't excepted like everyone else." He replied. "I was always there for you but you didn't even think! You just wanted to kill, even the one who would never leave your side no matter what you did!" I cried. A.J. started to cry. "I'm sorry." He said. Then my cell phone vibrated. "Hello." I said. "Carissa is everything alright?" My mother asked. She probably noticed the tone of my voice. "yeah everything is okay mom." I replied. I wonder why my mom decided to wait outside. "Are you ready to leave?" Mother asked. "Yeah I'm ready to go home now." I replied. "Good bye brother." I said. Then my mother drove us home.
Once I got home my mother said she had to go out of town for a few days. "Hey mom could Ryan stay for a while?" I asked. "If his mother says it's okay." Mother replied. Ryan called his mom and then a few minutes later he said he could stay. It was 10:00 pm. "Ryan wanna watch a movie?" I asked. "Sure why not." he replied. "but um Ryan, I said," I'll be back, I'm gonna take a shower first okay?" Ryan went to the stack of DVD's and said, "Okay, but uh just real quick, how does 28 Weeks later sound?" "Okay sounds good to me." I said. I went into my room undressed, grabbed a towel and turned on the shower. I couldn't get the dream I had out of my head. What did it mean? I had no idea but it must have meant something. All of a sudden I heard something heading my way from downstairs. I stepped out of the shower and then I saw Ryan come from the corner and I shrieked. He quickly covered his eyes. "Carissa! I'm sorry." He said. "Um Ryan could you wait a minute downstairs please?" I asked. "Okay Carissa I'm sorry." He said. I just smiled gently. I wrapped my towel around me and went to my room to get dressed. I went downstairs and jumped onto the couch next to Ryan. I got a blanket and we cuddled as we watched the movie. Later I fell asleep with my arm hooked on Ryan's. I woke up at the sound of someone pounding at the door. It was 2:30 am, who could be here at this hour? Then the pounding stopped. I crept to the door and put my ear to the door. The pounding got harder and I jumped back and went to the door. Once I opened the door a delivery man was holding a package. HE asked if he was at the right address. “Excuse me umm I'm looking for a Ryan Johnson?” I took the package and set on the dining room table. Then Ryan woke up. “Hey Carissa, whats that, a package?” He asked. I shrugged. I wonder what it could be. I thought. I decided to take a walk.
I just stared up at the night sky enjoying the fresh air. The neighborhood was almost pitch black. My house was the only house with lights on. But the moon was shining bright and I could see the bright stars in the beautiful night sky, I think I saw the the Big Dipper. The neighborhood was quiet and peaceful, although I coughed with the smell of cigarettes. Then I saw a man a trench coat when I was halfway down the street. He was staring at me and every time I looked away and back at him he was still staring at me. I started to walk faster and I made it to the next block. I turned to see where he was but once I turned back I got startled and fell back. He was getting closer and closer to me. I started to back and I had enough time to get up and run. Then I turned around turned back and then I felt a tap of his hand on my neck and I started to run once more. He chased me to my back yard. My backyard was pitch black, Ryan must have turned off the lights in the house. I leaned against the wall of my house and when I left where I stood. I felt his breath on the back of my neck. He grabbed me by the mouth and grabbed both of my hands with one of his. I was kicking my feet struggling to get out of his grip. Then I felt something strike my head and I fell unconscious.
I woke up on my lawn in the freezing cold rain covered in mud. Once I got up I broke into tears. I realized who it was. Or so I thought I did. I was shivering and hopefully didn't get a cold. Once I walked in the door. I felt so weak I collapsed. Ryan ran from the stairs and saw me lying motionless on the floor with blood dripping off my forehead. “R-Ryan.” I said weakly. He panicked and carried me upstairs. I just lied in bed for a few days thinking, about who you might ask. I just think about the same man day by day wondering what his true identity is.

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Community Member

Thu Apr 16, 2009 @ 07:39am

this is pretty good
but about the package that arrive 2:30 am
well,,,, its ambiguous because u didnt mention was really in the package
n maybe some fragments sentence where seen
but u did a pretty good job 4laugh

Community Member

Mon Apr 20, 2009 @ 01:39am

It's really good, and I agree with Mariel.
Are you going to continue it? biggrin

User Comments: [2]
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