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Allysa Mills's Story Against Dunk Drivers
May 2nd, 2009

I was walking home with two of my friends on Saturday at 11 o'clock at night (we lost track of time and fell asleep at the one friend’s house) on a road that we have been on only about bazillion times. We didn't want to bother my mom with a ride because she was sick earlier and my friends mom, the one whom we were coming from, was in a bad mood and we didn't want to bother her either so we lied to them and said that one of the friends i was with aunt was coming to pick us up on the corner on the street so they wouldn't see us walking home.
We were walking and we were worried that no one would see us if we were all to huddle together so we were in a line parallel to the road. I was the front person in line because i was the intuitive one in the group and i had the best vision. Where we were walking there was no sidewalk but we walking on the side of the road in the field. We were that far away! We were walking and didn't see the headlights, hear the car, or expect anything. The car brushed my 2 friends, one just felt it and the other one got her knee scraped and got her glasses knocked off her. I was hit head in in the back.
You see, I don't remember the pain or anything, i remember impact, and then watching my self (in a 3rd person point of view) hit the car roll up and smash his windsheild. This must have scared him because i remember seeing hip turn sharply throwing me. Then i went back to me and only remeber rolling on the ground after that. Later on we found out that i was thrown 37 feet!
I was bleeding everywhere! I was hurt and it stung everywhere! i have road rash on both hands, all up and down my left arm, everywhere on my back, and the entire half of my face. Then i also had a 2 inch gash, about finger width deep, in the back of my head that took 10 staples to put back together.
The only way they found this guy was that before i was hit there was a guy who was following him earlier and suspected him to be drunk and followed him. They followed him all the way to his house where he parked and went home. The guy stayed right there the intire time untill the cops got there. He stayed with him even after he saw him hit me and i am thankful that he didn't stop because in the end i got plenty of help.
Anywho, after i was hit i was crying and screaming and asking my friends what the hell just happened and told them i hurt everywhere. Through there tears they kept telling me that some *beep* hit me and drove away. They hurried and ran into the street and thankfully found some guys who saw everything. They helped us so much because we didn't have a working phone on us and they let us use theirs and helped keep me calm and told me help was on the way. I hope i get to see those guys again and thank them for everything they have done for me and i will give them a BIG hug!
Anyways, I felt tired and groggy after he hit me and was fighting going to sleep because i knew i could easily slip into a coma so i fought that of and focused on the scene around me. The police came first and tried to get my friends under control and get the story out of them for a report and the same from the guys. The ambulance in my point of view, i think took to long. I was laying on a whole bunch of rocks and my shirt was pulled up somewhere during the accident and so that how i got the road burn on my back and i was laying on that for about 10, 20 minutes until they came and took me to the hospital.
When we got to the hospital i hurt so much and the stupid E.R. doctor didn't come for a while so i was sitting on a super hard board laying on my back shoving the rocks deeper into my back! He took forever and they couldn't give me morphine or anything for the pain untill he came! I'm still kinda holding a grudge on him... ninja
It hurt so badly (still does)!! After a while, they had to clear out my road burn all up and down my back and it took 3 HOURS to get everything out. All the dirt, rocks, and loose skin. 3 hours of pure agony, pain, and torture. Ask anyone who was there with me, i was screaming so loudly! Then they said i had to give me a cat scan that took another eternity and i had to hold still through that too. But here is the amazing part, I have no broken bones throughout my entire body. I am sore and the bruises are only just barely showing up today (even though I could feel them before i could see them). I had to stay in the hospital over night (first time!) but that whole time i only got about and hour of sleep that entire night and wasn't able to go home at seven the next day (Sunday, May 3, 2009).
Now i have to walk around in with a walker every hour our i could get blood clots and have a stroke, and isn't just what need rolleyes . When I took a bath the day I got home it took over 2 hours washing the blood and dirt in my hair, washing the rest of my body, and brushing my hair, trying to get out the loose strands of hair, fatty tissue from my head and more rocks.
I have to take pain medication about every 2 hours and my family from vegas (my biological daddy and my favorite grandma). They went through heaven and hell to come see me and help me. They canceled doctor appointments, meetings, and who knows what else. They had to come and help me because my mother is going to graduate from pharmacy school with her PHD in medicine (yes I'm bragging about my mom ^-^) on the 8th and she has to work and do so much stuff that she can't take care of me herself and my 3 other siblings (2 girls (12 and 9) and my little brother (3)) And not to mention it is and epic battle to go to the bathroom! stare
Here is the website to hear the part of the story from ksl. I have written (i think) the entire story on here but it you would still like to see it go here: http://www.ksl.com/nid=148&sid=6361693&autostart=y
I just hope everyone understands that I am not the only victim in this case. The other victims are his family. The people who get the worst punishment are the ones who are the closest to him. I would only really like to meet him and have him see what he has done to me, I want him to se what his actions have caused me…
I would like everyone to hear my story out there and help me spread the word on drunk driving. My goal is to lessen the percentages on drunk driving throughout the world. I understand that that is a huge goal, but it needs to be done. NOW. Help me in this cause.

goddess akiko kaji
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goddess akiko kaji
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