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another survey
About you
Full Name: Torrie Lynn Ramos
Birthdate: 11/06/1989
Birth Place: bremington, washington
Current Location: jacksonville, florida
Eye Color: s h i t colored
Hair Color: black
Height: 5'6
Piercings: ears
Tattoos: starts from my pelvis to my back
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Ray biggrin

Favourite Food? BBQ ribs
Favourite Color? red
Favourite Candy? reeses
Favourite Number? 7
Favourite Animal? ferret
Favourite Drink? sprite
Favourite Alcholic Drink? irish wake
Favourite Bagel? wheat with strawberry cream
Favourite Letter? T
Favourite Part of Opposite Sex's Body? eyes
Favourite Sport? football
Favourite Place? the beach
Favourite Band? slipknot and suicide silence
Favourite Person? Ray biggrin
Favourite Actor/Actress? johnny depp
Favourite Car? mine biggrin
Favourite Video Game? fable 2
Favourite Movie? fireproof

This or That
Pepsi or Coke? coke
Chocolate or Vanilla? chocolate
Hug or Kiss? kiss
Dog or Cat? dog
Summer or Winter? summer

Bedtime? whenever i want
Most Missed Memory? hawaii
Best Psyical Feature? a s s
First Thought When You Wake Up? im sleeepy
Fear? being alone
Longest Relationship? 2 years

Have You Ever
Drank? yeah
Smoked? yep
Done Drugs? nahh
Been Drunk? hell yeah
Been Beaten Up? no
Beaten Someone Up? nope
Shoplifted? no
Skinny Dipped? yeahhh
Been Dumped? who hasnt
Dumped Someone? yeahhh

In A Girl/Guy
Eye Color? blue
Hair Color? blonde
Hair Length? kinda long
Tattoos? hell yeah
Piercings? yes sur
Does Drugs? hell no
Drinks? sure
Build? doesnt matter
Looks or Personality? personality

Random Things
What Country Would You Like To Visit? japan
How Do You Want To Die? peacfully
Been To The Mall Lately? about 2 weeks ago
Do You Like Thunderstorms? yeah
How Many Cds DO You Own? idk a lot
What Kind Of Music Do You Like? rock, metal
Do You Get Along With Your Parents? mostly
Do you Smoke? no
Do you Drink? yeah
Are You A Health Freak? nahhh
Do You Think Youre Attractive? of course
Believe In Yourself? yesss
Where Do You See Yourself In 2 Years? not sure haha
5 Years? prolly married with children
Do you Shower Daily? yeah
Have You Ever Been In Love? i am in love
Do You Sing? yeah..in the shower
Do You Want To Get Married? yeah
Do You Want To Have Kids? of course
Did You Ever Have A Crush? who hasnt
Have You Ever Kissed The Oppisite Sex? yeah
Talk Alot? mmhmm
Play Sports? no

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