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03 of ALCH
Chapter 3

Freya awoke with a start when the stench of death invaded her nose. Her forehead was damp with sweat and her breathing came out in rushed gasps for air. Her chocolate brown eyes were wide and her hair stuck up in random places, giving her a crazed look.

I didn't kill them, I didn't kill them, she chanted over and over in her mind, trying to calm herself down that so her emotions wouldn't get too out of hand. After a few more minutes of repeating the mantra, sometimes out loud, she felt herself go back to normal and looked around to view her surroundings. It was then when she felt that something was wrong.

Why does it seem like my vision isn't complete? She questioned herself as she blinked once, and then once again. Her head boomed with a headache, and she lifted her hand to her temple to rub it away.

“Ouch!” she exclaimed in pain, drawing back her hand quickly from her right temple. It felt as if there was a giant bruise on the side of her head, causing her to wonder what she received it from. She dismissed the wonder when she realized that the bruise on the temple and the vision problem may have had something to do with each other.

It was then when she heard the movement of steps, when it was truly only the wind in the trees. She reached to the side to grab a tree branch that was lying in the grass next to her with her right hand, but ended up with a handful of grass.

"What's going on?" she stated aloud while she continued to try and grab the branch that was only a foot away from her. Frustrated tears poured down her tanned cheek, and after a few more tries with her right arm, she tried with her left arm. Relief poured into her when she finally felt the rough bark of the tree branch in her palm, but this relief soon turned into worry.  

"Oh no," she breathed while she covered her right eye with her palm. Everything looked fine, until she moved to her left eye. I...I'm blind! she cried within her mind, her heart accelerating and her breathing coming up short. I'm blind! she chanted again while she tried to look through her right eye, hoping that it was just an illusion. It wasn't. 

My coordination is messed up, she concluded, certainly not happy of the fact. She wiped away her tears, figuring that crying wouldn't help the situation, and looked around at her surroundings. Her ruined eyesight made it dizzying for her and soon, a headache was developing.
“God dammit Donal,” she cursed, bringing a palm up to her forehead, hoping that rubbing it would make the pain go away. “I'm going to freaking kill him next time I see his fat face.”

While she scanned the clearing with great focus, a trunk came into view. It was the same trunk that Uncle Donal had brought out from behind him before he took her sight away. She inwardly cursed at him once again while making her way towards the golden bound chest. With delicate fingers, she opened the trunk, a small creak heard from the hinges.

Freya expected it to be filled to the brim in gold, but was severely disappointed when she saw that what she wished had not come true. Instead of riches, there were only a few blocks of gold, and few blocks of silver. Underneath sat a land deed for twenty acres, and to the side in the corner lied her clothes. That alone consisted of bandages, a single leg tight, torn Bermuda shorts, a bandanna belt, a corset, and a headband. Her jewelery and shells that she wore in her hair (including her lucky starfish) sat on top of the pile, not including a few more items that she usually did not have on her person. A thin wire that was about fifty feet long sat in a coil and next to that was a polished dagger with an intricate handle.

Lastly, in the center of the trunk was a small piece of paper folded in half. Her name Freya was written in scrawly handwriting in the center, and the paper was crumpled and stained. She furrowed her eyebrows, curious as to what it could say, and glared at the letters when she read it over.

We didn't want you anymore. Have a nice life in Haven.
-Captain Angelo

That simple sentence hit her like a brick and tears of anger sprung forth from her eyes.

They don't WANT me anymore? She shouted angrily in her head, thinking of the statement unbelievable. “They don't WANT ME ANYMORE!” she screamed as she went to punch a tree nearby. Naturally, she missed, cursing her newly acquired eyesight. Uncle Donal. He's the one who took my sight away. Captain Angelo is the one who took my crew away. Evil. Evil Uncle Donal. Evil Captain Angelo, she thought, her eyes narrowing while she made her infamous conclusions. She angrily yanked her clothes from out of the trunk after ripping the letter to shreds and leaving it on the forest floor.

I'm going to kill evil Uncle Donal for doing this to me. I will find him and my crew, and I will kill them all, she mused while she pulled on her single tight and wrapped her bandages around her chest, leg, and bicep. She finished dressing, putting her lucky starfish in between her hair and her hair band that now covered her right eye, and shut the trunk with a bang.

Her anger flared as she thought about it, blocking out the silence of the forest and the jingles of her jewelery and piercings with her loud thoughts of death and revenge. She kept her emotions in check, though, not wanting Darkness to take over quite yet.

Soon, she thought with an evil smirk. First I need to find a town and settle down a bit, though. Going into a battle with the attitude I'm in now won't be fun for me. I need to be able to have the patience to torture them, at this thought, she chuckled and shook her head, continuing her walk through the forest.


Freya's eyes were aflame in hidden anger, yet her features were smooth and focused as she traveled deeper into the threatening forest. Her bare feet made no sound while she stepped on the dry leaves that led her the way, but her ankle bracelets made a soft sound to the ears. It would make a louder, uncomfortable sound when she face planted into the tree, though. This caused Freya's headache to grow worse, causing her anger to flare as if it were the heat of the sun.

Dammit, dammit, dammit, she chanted in her head with annoyance envisioning herself pounding Uncle Donal in the head with a hammer that so he could feel the pain that she was feeling at that same exact movement.

One lone sound made it through her mantra after a while, and this caused her to pause in her traveling, curious as to what it could be. It was rustling in the bushes ahead of her, signaling a certain type of animal.

Or animals, she corrected herself when she saw five pairs of yellow eyes peer out at her from the black brush. “What are you?” she rhetorically questioned, knowing that either way, it wouldn't be able to give her an answer with words. Five gray wolves moved out of the plant, their muscles rippling beneath their thick fur and their hair standing up straight on their backs. The lips were pulled back behind their canines and a fierce snarl ripped up their throat.

Freya shivered with fright, and strangely, delight. The large wolves obviously wanted a brawl, and that was exactly what Freya yearned for. She pushed the trunk off to the side and then centered herself in the middle of the clearing, wearing a bright smile full of excitement.

She let her emotions take control, and in a matter of seconds Darkness was released from the cage inside her mind. A hand pushed up the headband, letting a cat-like eye come into focus while the opposite was immersed in black from the dilated pupil. The lips curved up in a devilish smirk while parting to say, “Come and get me,” in a husky voice.

The wolves complied and sprung at her from all sides. Freya reacted by jumping high into the trees, but being blind in one eye, completely missed the branch. She cursed and thought quickly, remembering the wire that was wrapped around her right arm. With a flick of the wrist, she wrapped it around the branch, creating a strong hold, and swung around it, taunting the wolves below who were jumping and whining for a taste of her flesh. When she felt the time was right, she pulled back the wire and wrapped it around her arm while bringing out her dagger and speeding towards a hungry wolf.

“Bye bye puppy dog,” she cheered as she plunged her dagger deep into it's throat. It yelped in pain, but the sound was gargled from the blood that filled it's throat and sprayed onto Darkness' face. She hopped off the wolf before it collapsed to the ground and quickly ducked as an other wolf jumped after her, angered that she just killed one of their pack. It seemed as if the world went in slow motion while she dug her already bloodied dagger into the wolf's throat and sliced it's underbelly as it flew over her. Blood showered down upon her and then wolf collapsed to the ground, writhing in pain and whining loudly.

Darkness, now drenched head to toe in blood and stinking of iron, grasped her forehead in pain, the strain on focusing her left eye was too much for the muscle. Her headache worsened and turned into a migraine, causing her to curse out loud. The wolves paid no attention to her grieving, though, for the three that were left were moving in for an attack.

The third and smallest wolf sprinted up to her right side, unseen by Darkness, and bit into her shoulder, causing a scream of agony to rip out of her throat. She screamed louder as she felt the sharp teeth dig deeper and deeper into her skin, and whipped out her wire once again. As quick as the speed of light, she had the wolf wrapped in her wire, and she pulled tight, causing it to penetrate the wolf's skin. It yelped and let go of her shoulder to bite the wire that was hurting it, but before it's teeth were even close to nicking it, Darkness pulled tight, quartering the wolf in fours.
“Three down, two to go,” she breathed, grasping her dripping shoulder tight.
A bigger wolf, predictably the Alpha, rushed forward and head butted her down to the ground, causing her air to woosh out in a rush. She gasped when she felt a sharp tree branch penetrate the skin on her back when she fell. The pain was numbed by the adrenaline that ran through her veins yet her anger still fueled her fury towards the annoying creatures that wouldn't leave her alone.

“Let's ******** finish this!” she cursed, tying her dagger to the end of her long wire. She analyzed the scene as the wolves moved forward in their last approach, and with swift movements, she curved the dagger, this using much of her focus. Her headache grew unbearable but the sight before her was like candy to her eyes. The wolves were shocked at the wire that was suddenly tying them together, and the Alpha howled in anger, trying to race towards Darkness to attack.

“Bad dog,” she scorned, pulling the wire tight and watching the wolves get chopped to pieces before her eyes. The cuts were clean, good enough to boast to a butcher, and at the thought, Darkness laughed, bringing Freya back into the scene.

Freya shook Darkness' thoughts from her mind and picked herself up and dragged herself back to her trunk while saying aloud, “Why do I have to be so weak?” On the way, she picked up a piece of quartered wolf meat and wrapped it in a bandage before placing it in her trunk to be eaten later for dinner. She then used the bandages to wrap her arm and her waist to stop the wounds from bleeding.

Freya moaned in pain while grabbing her trunk and stumbling off into the woods, her vision in her left eye worsening from the blood loss. To put it simply, she was miserable, and death was an appealing option to her at the moment.

“ I'm weak, blind, and lost,” she cried, tears spilling out of the edges of her eyes. “What kind of pirate am I?” she fell to her knees, exhaustion taking over her body and the dizziness taking it's full affect on her.

Freya could feel the forest making her head spin as she fell on her back, wincing from the wound there, and stared up at the towering trees above her. It was slightly peaceful, causing her eyelids to droop a tad, but when a voice was heard, they snapped open in alarm.

Evil Miss. Fionn, a light and cheery voice spoke. Freya peered around the clearing while staying on her back and saw no one, causing her mental state to waver.

I must get rid of Evil Miss. Fionn, the voice sang again. Freya brought her palms to her face and banged on her temples, ignoring the pain she was receiving from the black and blue bruise that painted the side of her face.

“Get out of my head!” she screamed, not wanting to hear the voice anymore.

Evil Miss. Fionn took Daddy away from Mommy.

“Shut Up!”

Evil Miss. Fionn killed Mommy.

“Get Out! Get Out! Get Out!” she wailed as she broke into sobs.

I must get rid of Evil Miss. Fionn.

“Stop. Please,” Freya begged quietly, her throat growing hoarse. Her eyelids drooped as the voice continued to chant and torture her.

“I didn't...I didn't kill her,” she mumbled.

Before she fell victim to the Sandman, her eye caught on to something in the darkness. It was a red glow, hidden in trees.

“I didn't kill them,” she called to the glow. “I didn't...”

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