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random demon storys
I breath heavy, why do i feel so much weight on my chest? i open my eyes but i cant see i can smell though. Boy do i wish i cant, i smell something rotting I'm kinda hoping its food, all i can remember is sitting by a tree then feeling a sharp pain on my head. Ok I'm starting to come to i can see some light now..... my god I'm in a room that i've never seen before my arms are tied behind my back and i get up and walk around. The smell isn't rotting food...... i throw up abit in my mouth " what is this place?" i stumble around a bit and see a mirror. " oh my god what happen to me?" i look at my self I'm covered in cuts and bruises, i hear the door opening and someone walks in he looks at me, i cant see his face for its covered with a mask " who and you? what did i do to dissever any of this?" i see his mask rise and he merely says " my boy you took a breath in this damned world" he throws something at me,........ my chest hurts again. I look down, there is a knife in my chest, i cough up blood " why?" i fall to my knees. i wake up and scream in a room. i sit up and a strange man i've never seen is staring at me" welcome my boy" i blink " what?" he smiles and merely says "are you still alive or......." he comes close to my face "are you dead?"

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commentCommented on: Thu Jun 18, 2009 @ 09:04am
r u dreaming these things or like there really happing to u?

commentCommented on: Thu Jun 18, 2009 @ 06:37pm
hahaha i think its rather clear that this is simply a story xDDDDD

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