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fσяgєттιиg му ραѕт, αи∂ яємємвєяιиg тнє fυтυяє
You Let Him d í є; (Fanfic)

" I w a n t e d T o S e e R o x a s . . . "

This Dark World Seemed Much More Than The Other Worlds I've experienced. This Place.. It Had a lonesome Feel to it. like This Place Was The only Thing Left. Abandoned, Maybe.
The dark Buildings signs Where lit Like a populated City In the Dark Eternal Night, But No Souls Walked the Wide Streets. Only Shadows Of The Bright Heart-shaped moon Lingered in this Dark City.
The Wind was Still as An Approching Storm Flashed It's Lighting in the Black Sky, Thunder Rumbled. Rain Fell on the Silent city Barely Made a Diffrence To The Gloomy Buildings and Streets. Now It was only Wet.
No Stars Sparkled in The Sky, Only the Heart shaped Moon And The Floating Fortress Of The Nobodies. They Too Would Be Blocked From View by The Invading Dark Clouds.
The Clouds Hovered in Front of the Fortress Like it Was Keeping it a secret. Not letting anyone Know Of it's Existence, but I knew It was There. It was My One Objective To Reach. In that Fortress Was The Princess I needed To Rescue And Take Back to her Rightful Place. Back to The Sunny Islands Of Our Home.

"Common Sora!" Donalds Voice Squacked.
"I'm Coming, I'm Coming Sheesh." I Trotted up next to the Short White Duck.
"We Don't Have All Day You know!" His Raspy voice Followed Him As He Began Running Toward The Floating Castle in the Sky.
"I'm Still Worn Out From Fighting Those Nobodies, Gimme A Break Donald."
I sighed And walked behind Goofy.
"Ya' know Hes Right, I'm a Little Worn out too." Goofy Agreed.
Donald Turned Around to Us on the Heel of His feet.
"Fine, But Hurry Up! Kairi's In There Waiting For us!"
With A Groan I ploped to the Ground, I never Really Felt This Tierd before. Least All My Efforts Will Pay Off When I Find Kairi. I Laid Down On The Black Concrete and Closed My Eyes.
Axel Said She Was In The Dungeoun. Seeing How Big The Castle Was, It Might be A little Difficult. The Castle was Bigger Than Any other Castle I've Been Too.

"Guys! Time To Go!" Donalds Voice Suddenly Interupted my Thoughts.
I Unhappily Groaned. "We Just Sat Down! Give Us a Minute."
"Uh.. Tell That To Those guys."
"Who-" I opened My Eyes And Saw We Where Surrounded by nobodies Once More. I Almost Imedietly Jumped To my Feet, With My Keyblade out.
"Where did They Come From?!" I Demanded Blocking an Attack, I pushed The Attack Back and Waited For An Awnser Slashing Through Two Assasin nobodies.
"Guys?" I looked Around And Saw No one Standing Beside me.
"Guys?!" I called out, backing Away From The Approching Line Of Nobodies.
Crap This Isn't Good. Where Did They Go?!
"Donald?! Goofy?!" I called Louder.
No Response.
Slashing Through Three more I saw They Had Trapped me in a Circle. They began Multiplying like Crazy.
I was Being Outnumbered. Crap. I Don't Think I can Take Them all Down, Without More Coming.
I did What I could. Taking Down The Ones That Flung at me.
They Just Wouldn't Stop.
Out Of Breath, I felt Like it Wasn't Going To Stop. In another Futile Attempt I called For Donald And Goofy, As loud as I could.
Happiness Washed Through me when the nobodies drew back and started to retreat.
Darkness Opened In Front of me.
I steped Back Ready To Fight. A Dark Figure In a Long Black Coat Walked Out From The Portal, Suddenly Bearing A keyblade of it's Own.
"A Keyblade?!" I Gasped, Before He Suddenly Charged at me With His Dark Key In Both Hands.
Our Weapons Clashed And grinded Against each other, Trying To Push The other one back.
I was the one Who pushed back. The Hooded Figure Stumbled Back.
"You!" The Stranger Pointed his keyblade at me. "You Let him Die!"
The Hooded Man Charged At me once more. I Jumped Out Of the Way just as his Keyblade Whiped Though the air, I rolled Behind Him, only to be Attacked By a Second Keyblade from his other Side.
"You Could of Saved Him, You Could Of Kept Him Alive!" The Hooded Man yelled as I fell To the Black Concrete.
"Who Are You Talking About!" I yelled back Getting Myself Back up on my Feet.
He Now Had Two Keyblades. This Was going To be Difficult.
"I'll Show you.. I'll Show You How It Feels to Go Into Darkness!" He Yelled More Nonsense.
What Was He Talking About?
"What Do You Mea- AGH." A sudden Flash Of Bright Light interupted me.

Just like That Both the Hooded Stranger And me where now in a Diffrent Place. The Dark City We Stood in was Now Gone, we Were on a giant mosaic Tile In the Middle Of Darkness.
The Hooded man Continued the Fight, Charging at Me From Any Direction He Could.
I had to Admit He was Strong, Maybe That was Only Because He Had Two Keyblades.

HE Skidded Back From a Tough blow from above. I collapsed to The Tile Floor. Breathing Hard, Tierd.
I looked Up When I heard Clangs Of Metal Against The mosaic Tile. The Hooded Man Too was Collapsed, Leaning on his White Keyblade in an Effort To Stay Standing. His Dark Keyblade On The Ground.
"He-" The stranger began Speaking Out of Breath." He Could of Lived. He Would of Helped you Fight. But No- You Just Didn't Have The Brain To Even Think Of Him Living on.."
"Just Who are You Talking About?!" I shouted Having enough of his Lecturing.
He Muttered Something Softly. I Didn't Catch it.
"AXEL DAMMNIT." He Responded Lifting His White Keyblade Ready to Strike.
I responded As Well Blocking His Strong Blow Above My Head.
"It Wasn't me Who Killed Axel! HE Sacrificed Himself!"
"Lies! Complete lies!"

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