memorial weekend,and what am i stuck doing? staying at home with mom dad and my sister....saterday morning, went to the lase, 2 hour drive there, 20 minutes stay because of the wind, 2 hour deive back. yesterday, didn't want to go to the other laske becasue i hate that one, so i stayed home, then mom and dad came home early... so i stayed home the rest of the day. today chocking my lungs out trying to clean my anciant room... a dust canon had bloown into my room and now my sinus and throat are acting up -.-'' and i can't go any where because mom wants me to stay home for some unknown reason. needless to say my life is still at the apitimy of sucking right now... and we have NO god dang active poster in pale sierra, EVER!!! we have over 350 people and only 5 people post .... only 3 crew get on. good christ, my life can'..... stoping right there because im carma's b***h and whatever i say bites me in the a** later on in life, even if i don't do it i still get bit in the a**, my ex did worse things than i did and iv'e got worse stuff happen to me stare