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He-llo! It's moi, and I've come to tell you an important message: YOU'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!!!!! Nah, you won't but be very careful. one of my gaia friends is an evil robot who'll kill you. try to figure out who.................

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Chapter 8: Her Sweet Escape
Well, that went bad……………NOT! Katherine won the contest and of course, the money prize. She won by a landslide, and we started the plan the day after. The plan was to go to her house and pack all her clothes in her school backpack, so her mom won’t notice what we were going to do. Then when her mom was asleep, which was usually when her dad cam around, she would explain to her dad that Heath tomorrow was going to drive me and Katherine to her dad’s place. When we got there, Katherine will finally live with her dad. At night, here dad came to slip in some food again, but Katherine quickly told her the plan. “Daddy, we have to do this in order for me to survive!” she exclaimed. “What do you mean survive, mija? What has this woman done to you,” he says. I was there because we managed to get me inside to help her. “My mother has been hitting me, Papi, and look at the bruises,” showing her dad the purple, green, red, and black marks all over her arms, legs and back. It was too much for me that I felt my face go hot, angry at the horrible monster she called “mother”. “If this keeps up, I’ll have internal bleeding, and she does almost every night when she gets drunk. Just please……please help me, Papi,” and she just broke, like the Hoover Dam’s protective wall fell apart and gushed out tons of water. I couldn’t help but cry at that moment, it seemed too sad to not cry. And as I did, it made me realize the danger we were in if we didn’t finish this quickly. “Katherine, let’s go to sleep. I think I heard something,” I said softly. I was going to sleep in the farthest point under her bed where I was out of view of mom if she were to come. Surprisingly, when I agreed to do this, I told my mom that I was sleeping over Liz’s house, and instead of usually calling my friends to make sure I was, she said “ok.” And we fell asleep. Sometimes, though, I heard her murmur in her sleep, “Mami, you’re so nice to me. Thank you for all the love you’ve given to me.” What could she have been dreaming about? But I was too tired to figure it, and I drifted to sleep slowly.

Chapter 9: Damn It, Not Again
The plan worked perfectly. When we woke in the morning, her mother was into her sleep so much, we could’ve ripped a chainsaw to life and she wouldn’t have woken up. How did we leave the house? Katherine figured out a way to pick the lock of the back door with her bobby pin. And the rest of the plan eagerly unfolded, happily making it much easier for us every step of the way.
Today at school, Katherine’s face was full of light and gratitude again, an opposite of all the darkness that kept her prisoner her teenage life. As we walked around today around the field today, she thanked me so many times, it got annoying, but I didn’t want to spoil the moment. Then we went our separate ways because she had to return a library book. As I made two revelations around the soccer field, whom would you think coming down the opposite side but Andrew. Damn it, not again, I thought disappointedly. As he caught up to me, he gasped for breath, even when the jog wasn’t that long and hard. I said When he finished he started talking to me. “Hi, Johanna. What’s up,” he began as we walked. “Uh…nothing….,” I replied. I glanced sideways when he wasn’t looking and saw Robert glancing back and forth at us, playing soccer meanwhile. “Hey, I wanted to ask you again. Will you--“ he said, but I cut him off. “How many times do I have to tell you so you can get it into your system, Andrew? NOOOO. Do I have to break it down Barney style? Hi Andrew, Johanna says NO. How do you spell that? N-O. NO.” laughing inside because of the dopey way I said it, but as soon as I saw his face, my smile dropped. His face looked really mad; like he wanted to kill someone after that person killed someone he loved, kind of like he was avenging someone. I looked back again, and saw Robert looking again. I guess Andrew followed my gaze, because suddenly, he grabbed my neck and forced me to kiss him! His lips were angry because they pushed themselves into mine. I didn’t do anything, but closed my lips real tight and my eyes. Meanwhile this was happening, I heard people go “OOOO” and “Look what Andrew’s doing!” I was surprised why any of my friends were there to help me. To my grand surprise, this whole ordeal lasted about 10 seconds when he got yanked from me! I saw Robert face’s near me when we glanced at each other, and I bet we both remembered the time we looked at each other in the stadium. Then in a flash, I saw Robert fighting a nasty fight with Andrew. I backed away and ran to the library, where I found Katherine and the rest of my friends. They looked all happy, and I smiled for a second on how they all got along with Katherine instead of Selinda. Then as quietly as I could I went to their table and talked to them about what happened, big, fat tears rolling down my right cheek as I talked. “Are you okay, Johanna? Don’t worry, alright,” Katherine told me, and got closer to give me a hug. I felt comforted and strange because she almost never let me hug her ever since she lived with her mother. The rest comforted me, too, and all gave me a great big hug. When we left the library together in a group, we passed by the Prince’s office and inside, I saw Andrew and Robert. Don’t get Robert in trouble, please don’t, I prayed to myself, please.

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