-Te Amo Mi Amor.♥
User ImageMi Amor; My Everything. His Name Be Irvian, We've Been Together Since *09-30-08*. That The Day We Knew We Loved Each Other So Much. He Always Be Makin Me Smile Whenever Im Down and Be Makin Me Laugh. He Very Funny. (: I Love Him Con Todo Mi Corazon, With All My Heart. I Dont Know What I Do Without Him, I Love Him So Much To Let Him Go. He Me Everything, My One and Only Baby. He Always Be In My Mind Everyday, Day and Night, I Can Never Stop Thinking About Him, And I Never Will. Talking Him Just Make My Heart Beat Faster, I Never Want To Stop Talking Him. Talking To Him Makes Me So Happy. But Whenever He Sad, Mad or Somthing Damn, It Hurts To See Him Like Dat, Makes Me Wanna Cry. Cause It Like Im Not Doin My Job Makin Him Happy. I Always Want Him To Be Happy, Ill Do Anything To Make Him Happy. Seeing His Smile Makes Me Smile. Yea Ill Always Be Dere For Him Whenever He Is In Some Shyt. Mhmm He Very Special To Me, VERY. And Yea I Can See That Almost Every Girl Have Been After Him But He My Man And He Loves Me Very Much, And I Do Too. So Dont Even Bother Breakin Us Up Cause Ur Just Wasting Ur Time. I Will Never Forget Him In My Life. Yea He Actually My First Love, My First Bf. But That W.e All That Matters Is That He Loves Me, He Has My Heart, And I Hope He Will Never Break It. My Corazon, Mi Amor, My Baby Te Amo So Much, I Love You, And I Truly Do. Really I Do Wish We Would Get Married, Id Be The Happiest Girl In The World. Knowing The Fact U Chose Me, And That U Do Too Truly Love Me. Baby Never Forget Me, And Ill Never Forget U. Mi Amor, Yo Nunca Te Olvidaré. Te Amo Siempre, I Love You Always. Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me. Ill Be Ur Angel Who Will Protect You, Never Let U Get Hurt, Ill Be The Angel Who Will Keep You Safe And Ill Love You Always And Forever, Te Amo.
*09-30-08* Long a** Time Lmao.♥♥♥


Baby yhu Just know I had To hackk Yhuu , I love Yhu ; Its the Thinqs yhu Do that Make me Fall more Deeply in Love with Yhuu , I love How yhur Alwayss there Forr mee Yhu have Neverr let Mee downn , There aree Thinqss in Lifee peoplee Cant live Without and I cant Live without Yhu nor Be without Yhuu ; I Need yhuu inn My Lifee baby . I Love who Yhu are Babyqirl ; Yhur perfect Thee wayy Yhuu Aree . Yhur Beautiful ; its Whats On the insidee That makess Yhu Beautiful baby ; Baby Yhur Sweet , Funny , Kind ; And wonderful =] . I Cant Sleepp withoutt Knowinq You will Foreverr Bee miness . Baby I Would diee for Yhuu . Everyone Deserves a 2nd Chance At least ; thats What ive Learned . Yhhu qave mee enouqh Chances , Im thankfull =] . Most importantly Im thankfull ' I Got yhuu ' Without yhu Idk wheree I Am in lifee ; Baby i promise To Never Hurt yhuu . I Think of yhuu as my AnqelUser Image , Ive never Been in Love likee Thiss and I Cant Bare to Loose yhu Mi Amor ; I need Yhur Love , I Promise To cherishh it =] , I 'll Never stop thinkinq Bout yhuu . I Dont everr Wanna B Without yhuu . Danm baby Everythinq yhu do Is just so Special =] , Yhur The Best qirl Ive ever Mett , One day I Wanna Marry yhuu =] I Would Love to have Yhu By My Side All The Timee | Kissinq yhu , Huqqinq yhu danm ! I Would b the happiest man lol Even When yhu Tell me Yhu Love mee that's Good enouqh to Make me The happiest Man =] Baby belive me , trust me I Love Yhu and i Dont Wanna hurt yhuu Never Babyyqirl | I Care For yhuu So Much i cantt see yhu sadd , Im heartbroken When yhur sad Babyy , So This is whyy I Love it wenn yhurr happy =] Remindss me if yhur happy I Get Too see yhurr Beautiful Smile ; Babyqirl never do i wanna Loose Yhu like I Say ( ' Without Yhu Im Nothinq ' ] Stayy with mee babyy =] ; Whatever Makes Yhu Happy Im Happy Cause to See yhuu Happy im Proud of it haha Makinq yhu happy Is the 1st Thinq i Think About When I Wake up =] Yhur thee Reasonn Why I Wake upp with A Smile On My Face every Morninq ily <3 =] Promise To Never let qoo And if one day were not toqather Then i want Yhu To knoww That yhu wer thee Most Important Thinq in my Life and That yhu wer So Special To Me =] ily Babyy never Think I Dont Cause If I Didnt Love Yhu i dontt Think I Would Think about yhu 24/7 And Wonder how I Got The Best anqel With Me =] September 30Th ; Two Thousand eiqht . The One Day i Will Remeber =]