Questing Shop Items
This is my[/color:75c1db111a] M E L O D Y[/color:75c1db111a]
And it's just a[/color:75c1db111a] R A V E R 'S F A N T A S Y[/color:75c1db111a]
'Cause I know
If you're in[/color:75c1db111a] [i:75c1db111a]L O V E[/i:75c1db111a][/color:75c1db111a] with me
-- W E 'R E -- R A V I N' -- T H R O U G H -- T H E -- N I G H T [/color:75c1db111a]--[/align:75c1db111a][/size:75c1db111a]