This is something i wrote when i was thinking of some1 leaveing after a war or famine or something like that i want some imput so pls comment. There will probabaly be lots of errors.

The night is cold
The sun is gone
The stars are bold
Yet, the night will still last to long

The air I feeel is cold and wet
I ride away fleeing the night
the sun has set
so, I take flight

Light overcomes, yet I will not wait
This gloomy night is not yet over
I will not stay to see it's fate
So, I run and take cover

I leave my home my kin behind
They are not me a cowardly swine
I run I flee I do not look back
I will never find what I now lack

Perhaps some day if the sun shines bright
I will look back to my home and see a beuatiful sight

But for now I fear
I will run and hide
but I will cry a single tear
In hope that I will someday return with the tide

by Skye