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Just stuff I jot down once in a while
My Tears by XxElisaxX
My Tears
a tear runs down my eye
my tears show pain from when i cry
so painful,
the things ive done the things ive said
are now the things ive come to dread
another tear runs down my eye
damn now theres 2 y must i cry
i lay my head an try to sleep
but the tears manage to keep
one of my tears has parted
now theres 3 this is gettin retarded
my baby finally comes back home
he hears me in our room all alone
as i know hes back i wipe the tears
him finding out would bring my greatest fears
he walks in the room and i act jus fine
he lays down next to me and says "your all mine"
i think 'yea right'
but if i say it we'll get in a fight
so i resist
he starts me off with a kiss
i pull back and say "go change first"
he goes in the bathroom an changes to boxers n a white tee
he says r u ready n i say "I gotta pee!!"
i run into the bathroom to find some evidence
i search his pockets.. i expected this
im so yousta seein this i might as well be a detective
i find a couple notes a used condum and numbers from other girls
after findin that condum i almost hurled
i come outta the bathroom tryin not to make a scene
but when i saw his face i couldnt help but scream
i slap the stuff in his face an say "WAT THE HELL IS THIS!?"
he gotta lil pissed
"wat u mean"
he balls his hands up in a fist
"dont make me hurt yo a** b***h"
out of all his abuse wit the bruses on my back
i really didnt care so i went n got my steel bat
he yells random things on how bad hes gonna hurt me
then he beat me to the floor took my bat n beat me wit that
then i wisperd in pain, "i wish quan was here so he could whoop yo a**"
that ended up makein him even madder
and of course him beatin me more made me sadder
he finally got done n walks out
i lay on the floor can hardly scream can hardly shout
i hear him upfrount breakin my favorite plates...that b***h
i close the room door so quiet with the slightest pitch
many tear run down i face to many to count
i gotta call up quan fast n witout a doubt
the phone rings at my house a good 2 times
damn its gettin kinda hard to bust theses rhymes!
i pick the phone up n its quan
after cryin so bad its gettin hard to talk he hears my voice breakin up n says whats wrong?
i try to talk fast and simply say "he did it again"
quan gets a little mad n says "this s**t is bout ta end"
another tear runs down my eye
"hurry cuz im scared" we hang up n i hide
next thing u kno i hear some1 bangin on my door
i run to go get it but then he says "GET BACK B4 U END UP ON THE FLOW"
that b***h opens the door
i hear gun shots...n i dont kno what to do
i kno some1 out theres dead n if its quan then im through
i walk out the house n see the bitches body on the flow
i throw my ring at him n say "should of let me open the dow"
quan puts his hand on my waist
we drive off in the car with the moon shinen on our face
then he takes me to his place
we laydown on his bed
as i play with the cornrows on his head
he finally takes off his white beader
then i think 'its gettin cold' so i cut on the heater
he puts his arm around me
damn im glad that he found me
then i kiss him nonstop
after 2 hours unfortunately had to stop
i lay my head on his chest while he trys to sleep
i kiss his lips 1 more time..ive never tasted sumfin so sweet
and as for that other guy, lukily he had to die
and now he suffers for everytime i had to cry
and if i cry again..he'll suffer more
and if i cry again from hell he'll go lower
and if i cry again he'll burn there
and he'll bleed from inside out
i wouldnt care without a doubt
he'll feel my pain from when i had to shout
i live with bruses on my back
so my tears (somethin small n dosesnt hurt simply water) causes you to bleed

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