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Short Story For Creative Writing Unit [Wolf Pariah]
The red moon rose above the bright morning sky. Wolves scattered about, howling and chasing each other. A lone, black wolf on the other side of the crater watched as the rambunctious wolves played. He was not one of them. He was alone. He would be alone for eternity and never be like them; because he was ‘different’.
His eyes were the color of cool water and his black fur was as soft as silk. But the oddest thing about him was that he ran on four electronic legs that were all painted black to match his fur.
He ran faster than any other wolf on the planet. But he couldn’t be with any other wolves, because they exclude him. He hated that he had changed. He hated that he was different. But it wasn’t his fault he had changed…
* * * * * *
A wolf ran along towards the trees, a few following behind it. A truck followed them on a dirt road. In the back of the truck were hunting rifles, along with tranquilizer guns, the men weren’t there for fun. They were there to hunt. The leader of the wolf pack, a large black wolf with light blue eyes, ran along the trees, the others went further in the forest to get away from the hunters. He would protect them and distract the hunters. It was his job. He was the leader of the pact. He was Troy.
The truck went after the large black wolf, following its every move. A man got out of the truck, grabbing a tranquilizer gun. He ran after the Troy, just a few steps behind. He fired the tranquilizer gun, hitting the ground next to the running wolf. The wolf swerved, going into the trees, the truck traveled on the other side of the wolf now. He was trapped.
The truck cornered Troy in front of a cluster of trees, the man stood next to the truck, as Troy stared blankly at them all. He was cornered; stuck, no way out. The man fired. And all went blank for the wolf. One of the men in the truck got out and picked20up the wolf, heaving it over his shoulder, throwing it in the back of the truck.
Troy awoke to a bumpy ride, the truck was bouncing up and down as they went over a rocky road. He stared around, but wasn’t able to move. Slowly his feeling came back into his body, but by the time that had happened, they were at a building. Troy snarled and jumped out of the truck, trying to get away. One of the men jumped out after him, taking a tranquilizer gun with him. He shot Troy once. But he didn’t go down. He shot him again, in the back of the neck, hitting his spine. He fell like a tree being cut down. They carried him into the building, not wanting to take any more chances that he could wake up. They threw him in a large cage and placed him in a room with barking canines.
When Troy woke up again, he whimpered, this time he didn’t get feeling back in his legs. He stared at the other dogs and wolves barking. He listened to their cries, and their wanting to go home. He wanted to as well, but just laid there, silent. A woman entered the room, petting the small dogs and wolves, trying not to get too close.
“There are a load of canines i n here…” she shouted, alerting other people to come in.
A man came over by Troy, crouching down and looking at him. “Are you alright buddy?” the man asked, staring at Troy’s legs. “I think this one is hurt…” he said to the woman. “He’s laying like he is, and not responding to contact.” The man explained.
The woman crouched down next to the man and nodded “I think he may have lost use of his legs…” she muttered, looking over the wolf. She petted his head and soothed “You’ll be alright buddy.”
After the people took all of the animals out of the building, Troy noticed that the men that were in the truck were in cop cars, handcuffed. He smiled lightly, as he figured he would be taken care of now.
The next few days were hell for Troy, he went to surgery to get his legs amputated, because they had no use anymore since the doctor was right. He had lost use of his legs. When the tranquilizer hit him in the neck, it hit his spine. Now he lost use of them. The day after he got them amputated, he went in for another surgery, coming out with robotic legs. He had no20idea what had happened to him, he moved his legs, laying in his cage. He sat up, looking down at the legs that were folded under him. They felt cold against his torso. He whined a little and sighed lightly.
“Hey buddy…” a man said, coming up to his cage. Troy whimpered a little and looked down at his legs. “I’m sorry…but that’s all we could do…” he frowned “Either that…or you cant go back to your natural habitat...” he muttered, frowning more. He nodded, and patted Troy’s head. “It will be alright, you’ll be back to your friends and family soon.” He smiled and left the room.
For the next few weeks only a few people got to work with Troy, because he was a wolf, or a special case. They helped him run and walk with his new legs, making sure that he didn’t get hurt in the wild. When he was done healing, they put him in his cage and waited till he was asleep to transport him back to his habitat.
When he awoke that morning, he stared at the wolves surr ounding him. He couldn’t make them out at first, they were so familiar but so forgotten. But he eventually figured out that they were his pack. They sniffed him, not understanding why he smelled different. He nuzzled his legs, showing that they had changed, they all stopped in their tracks, staring at his metal, electronic legs. They all baked away a little, and the second in command wolf barked slightly, notifying them that Troy was no longer the head of the pack. And that he was done being in the pack.
They all scurried off, running and howling about. Except a light grey wolf with light yellow eyes, Draca; she stared at Troy, not looking down at his legs, and nuzzled his neck, saying good bye. Troy whined, not wanting her to go, but she couldn’t stay. If she did, Tybalt, the now head would come after her. He had to let her go. She nuzzled his neck a little more and whined, then ran off after the pack.
As the years went by, Troy didn’t get older, neither did the other wolves. And after a while, the wolves stopped seeing hunters around. Not any humans. They never saw anything but any other wolves. A long time passed, and Troy never became=2 0part of any pack, they all rejected him; he was too different, too weird. After a while, he just stopped trying, and became a lone wolf who fended for himself.
* * * * * *
Troy laid in the hot beaming sun, sunbathing. He didn’t want to move, yet he had to soon or else he could get hurt. There are creatures that come out when it’s too hot, large red creatures that scurry about and claw at your snout.
He sighed and got up, walking slowly over to a tree lazily. He laid in the shade, cooling down and smiled slightly as he watched wolf pups pounce playfully in the sun. He had always wanted pups, but now that he was alone he could never have that. He could never build a family with Draca or probably ever see her again. He laid out and chuckled slightly as he watched the pups, but his imagination pondered a lot, as he thought of what life would have been like if the hunters would have never hurt him.
; A large white wolf came up next to him, barking slightly. But Troy ignored her at first, staring down at the innocent young pups frolicking and smiled bigger. ‘Troy. You are not meant to be here, you are meant to be the head of your pack. You should have fought back! You should have knocked Tybalt down!’ a voice said in his head. He looked up at the white wolf that was just staring at him ‘Yes that is me talking. Don’t worry I’m not here to hurt you. I’m here to tell you that this is not your destiny.’
Troy ignored her, sitting up and staring at the pups, growling slightly at the white wolf. ‘You should have had pups with Draca; she is your soul mate. You would have been happy. Just because your legs are different doesn’t mean you are different. Your still you, your body changes over years. But that doesn’t mean that you change.’ She explained.
‘Find Tybalt. Draca is still alone, and you could still become the head of the pack, that is what you were meant to be Troy.’ She nodded, still staring at him. ‘Do what your heart says.’ She smiled slightly and ran off, disappearing into dust.
Troy sighed and lay down, putting his head on his paws, not20sure what to do now. He knew where the pack was, but he couldn’t do that. He wasn’t in charge anymore and didn’t want to hurt Tybalt. Tybalt had always been like a brother to him, he had been there since he was young, and he couldn’t deprive him of something that was rightfully his. But he wanted to. It was his pack, he started it all, he had been the head of the pack for years. He should be in charge.
He woke up in the deep forest, where he had been first hit, the road that the hunters had ridden after him was now grown out into grass. A sunlight was hitting his coat, making him overheat. He sat up, looking around for any kind of animal he could have for breakfast.
He sighed as he watched a mother rabbit and her baby bunnies go by. He couldn’t kill a family, he was too kindhearted for that. He gazed as they hurried into their home, smiling slightly he got up and started to walk deeper into the forest, seeing a male deer standing alone, he prowled up behind it, releasing his metal claws onto the unsuspecting creature. He ate in silence, as the forest quited, and he smiled as he finished, prowling farther. He heard a sudden bark somewhere in front=2 0of him.
He stopped, was that Tybalt’s bark? Were they really where he suspected they would be?
A wolf howled from behind him, letting Tybalt know where he was. That was Rafter’s howl. He looked back, seeing a large grey wolf standing behind him, he stared as the wolf began to circle him, and pounced on him playfully. ‘I missed you. We all have, but Tybalt refused us to see you. Draca misses you, Tybalt tried to get her to forget about you and go with him. But she wouldn’t, she loves you Troy.’ Rafter said, staring at him. Troy barked, showing him that he missed them all too.
‘I really miss you guys too…but I don’t think Tybalt will let me back, unless I take him down.’ Troy gazed at Rafter, not wanting to show any sign of fear, but that’s all he could think about was fear.
Tybalt came from where he barked from. ‘Troy…Why are you here?’ he asked, confused.
‘I’m here to take back the pack. You shouldn’t be in charge. And I think that ever yone in my pack agrees.’ Troy looked at the wolves behind Tybalt, they all were muttering in agreement and smiling. This is what they wanted.
‘If anyone agrees with him. Go then.’ He looked at his pack, not wanting anyone to go, but every wolf stepped toward Troy. Troy chuckled and grinned.
‘Tybalt. Your allowed to join my pack if you want. But I am the in charge.’ He smiled, but Tybalt did not. Tybalt looked at the wolves angrily, and walked forward, going past them.
‘Good bye.’ He said simply, sighing.
Draca and Troy ended up having three pups, Garret, George, and Ellie. Ellie looked just like her mother and Garret and George had Troy’s fur.

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