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shh... this is for your eyes only
enjoy!! Life is a little twisted
Hey Everyone!!

Sorry guys, haven't really been sending in a lot of journal entries right now. Unfortunately, nothing special has really happened lately, but something exciting to report. I HAVE A TWITTER!!

For those who know what it is, feel free to follow me biggrin My user is em_n_ms

For those who have no idea what the hell Twitter is, let me explain. It's a place where you can write whatever you want, even down to what your thinking, at anytime. It's like a constant change in your status. Just to let you know too, all your favourite celebrities have a Twitter and yes, it really is them, so it's a great place to send instant fan mail and maybe you could even chat to them once in a while. If you do decide to get one, also feel free to follow me biggrin I'd be glad to talk to you guys.

Ok, so moving on from the Twitter phase, for those who actually want to hear about what's going on I can tell you there is something very good to report. Do you guys still remember when Mr. Contagious hooked up with that girl who really REALLY hated me? Well, good news, well, for me anyway. He BROKE UP with her. Who knows why but according to him, she wasn't very good at treating people nicely. HA! That's what you get for hating me Mr. Contagious' EX-girlfriend. *sigh* That's not a very nice thing for me to say is it?

Moving on from that issue, it seems that Ms. Vanity's return has made no impact on us whatsoever and it seems she's ditched us, just as we always knew she would. Ha! Oh Well.

But, speaking on a better note, I now think that the virus from my IM has gone!! SWEET!! Now I can talk to Teddy Bear as much as I want to. So happy.

And finally, the final thing to report. Tomorrow is a very special day. IT'S LEXI'S PARTY!! WOOT WOOT! It's gonna be so much fun tomorrow biggrin

Well, now I think that's all I have left to say. I promise I will post soon about how Lexi's party goes, so cya guys soon

heart hugs and kisses heart

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