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Arashi Chronicles
By: Misa and Cate
( xo-DecodedxUchiha-ox ) ( Cuty Mishima 808 )

Previously on Arashi Chronicles:

Another person who looked like Misa except slightly taller came in. The girl disappeared in a puff of smoke then Itachi came out of the smoke cloud holding a video camera. " Foolish little brothe--...." he said but loosing his mysterious touch cause he caught a terrible cough. " I got you know on tape, Oh i can't wait till the family sees this.." he said with a grin on his face. " Oh, Cate i need your Last name and if i don't know who your family is just show em to me got it ? " he added thinking of ruining both their lives.

Misa slapped Itachi " NIISAN !!!


Misa slapped Itachi " NIISAN !!! HOW DARE YOU TRY TO COPY ME!! Oh and i do NOT look like that...Its just like a female version of Sasuke ?! "

Sasuke looked at Misa. " NESAN !! NIISAN !! TELL ME WHATS GOING ON ?! AND MY NAME IS SASUKE !!! i thought you killed the family and NO THERE IS NOTHING BETWEEN CATE AND ME !!! "

Cate stands up and is scared for life cause of what Sasuke did. She stepped back leaving the situation to them and seemed to bump into someone.

Sasori hugged Cate from behind. He was watching the whole thing with Itachi but Itachi kept holding him back by saying 'WAIT NO NOT YET !!! Oh and does this dress make me look like Misa ?! Oh and don't mind duckbutt'

Misa slapped Sasuke for no reason. " Well you see that the family isn't dead those are just illusions and the family is fine they went on a looong vacation..to vegas "

A slap mark appeared on Sasuke's face. " Ouch that hurt...And WHY THE F*** DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME ?! "

Itachi poked Sasuke's forehead like how he usually did before. " We tried but you became emo so there..."

~ To be continued

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