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RPing information
Necrosed Orc
Name: Necrosed Orc
Alignment: Evil
Main God or Goddess: none
Beliefs: They beleif that are the strongest raceon the planet and should crush anything in their path.
Pros: Necrosed Orcs are incredibly strong. They can see a weapon or imagine one and craft it if they have the supplies.
Cons: Very few Necrosed Orcs can grasp the concept of emotions and understand them. They are fairly intelligent.
Food: Flesh, they prefer human but will eat any flesh.
Powers: none, they are incredibly strong.
Info: Necrosed Orcs were created by necromancers from dead orcs. They were meant to be bodyguards and mindless slaves but they learned of their physical superiority to their necromancer masters and escaped. Some have mated with intelligent creatures and their off springs have become almost as intelligent as humans. Often they are extremely violent.

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