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The Epic Adventures Of Madame Twiggly
its epic yo
Chapter 2
"Senkou Gogyou no Jutsu!" Ada yelled and instently an intense blast of fire shot twoards the tree, her target, disintegrating it instantly. Satisfied Ada tried a new tecnique, "Iwaken no Jutsu!" The ground started to form into a sword, the hilt in her hand, the point growing from the ground. But then it stoped, still stuck in the ground, not all the way formed. Ada pulled on it with both hands, but it wouldn't budge. Frustrated she stopped her chakra flow into the sword and the sword instently turned into a pile of dirt.

"Not bad, not bad at all." Ada turned around and looked at the Hokage, "especially since you've had no training."

Ada looked at her for a moment. Then as she turned away she said, "Yeah, well not good enough." She made some hand signs then said, "Doton Shinjuu Zanshu no Jutsu!" The Hokage watched as Ada sank halfway into the ground and stopped.

Ada cursed and slammed her fist on the ground. The Hokage sighed, "I'll be right back to help you out." The Hokage left and Ada could do nothing but wait.

After a few minutes of frustrating silence Ada heard rustling in the bushes; for a minute she thought it was the Hokage, but she soon realized her mistake as a team of three chuuning appeared. She recognized Hikari and Ryouichi, twins, known as the lightning brothers. The third person took her a while to recognize but she finally realized who she was, Michiko. They all wore matching flack jackets and they all stod there for a second before laughing.

"Wow you really do suck," Ryouichi exclaimed between laughs. Ada glared at them as they continued to laugh. After they had had their fill of laughs they grew quiet.

"But tell me Ada," Hikari said. "How do people remember a name like Ushisaw?"

"How do people remember a bogus last name like Takara?" Ada retorted.

Hikari's face grew red and the anger was apparent on his face. "What did you just say?!" he demanded, his fingers sparkling and crackling with lightning.

But Ryouichi held him back. "Relax brother, I'll tell you," he replied. "Slut. There's a 'U' in it for Ushisa and her mother was one too."

Now it was Ada's turn to feel anger burn her cheeks. "What kind of name is Ryouichi?!" she asked. "Your name means good one, but your'e no better than the mud and dirt i walk on!"

He looked at her calmly, with not a trace of anger. "Please be quiet when I'm trying to ignore you," he said simply. Then turning back to his brother he continued, "Also ugly starts with a 'U' and so dones Ushisa...Thats how i remember it."

Ada couldn't contain her anger any longer. While the brothers were talking she made handsigns. Unfortunatly Michiko was watching and started makeing hand signs of her own. The boys looked at Ada in surprise as she shouted, "Katon Karyun Endan!"

As the fire she was breathing was turning into a dragon, Hikari and Ryouichi gathered lightning into their right palms. "Baka! Water beats fire everytime," Michiko said as she finished her hand signs. "Suiton Suiryuudan no Jutsu!"

The water from the stream formed into a dragon and clashed with Ada's dragon. Michiko smiled as her dragon destroyed Ada's and continued on towards her.

Ada struggled to get out of her hole, but it was no use and she was hit head on by the water dragon.

When Ada surfaced, sputtering, she saw two wolves made of lightning heading for her. She didn't bother trying to get free this time. The wolves hit her simoutaneously. There was a slight explosion as the electricity traveled through her body and the ground encasing the bottom half of her body exploded away.

All Ada could do was lay there for a few moments, breathing deeply. Her plan had worked, she had been set free, but it had a cost. Slowly she sat up, still panting. If she was going to have any chance it would have to be in close combat, taijutsu, for she had used too much chakra in her training.

"Looks like she's not the sharpest knife in the pack," Ryouichi spat.

Ada threw shurikens at them, then drew two kunai as she ran at them. The team of three dodged the shurikens and ran to meet her.

As they were about ten feet apar, there was an explosion between them. The ground rumbled and cracked underneith them, then exploded; sending them flying back to where they had started.

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