Name: Amy
Age: 17
Race: Human
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Amy was born to Archie and Annabel on the 18th of January. Archie and Annabel were both mage’s, and were proud that they had a baby girl. But something seemed off when she was born. Mages could sense another mage’s power, but they sensed nothing from Amy. They feared the worse, that she had been born human. Sadly, they were right.

During the first five years of her life, Amy’s parents tried desperately to give her at least a portion of their own powers, which was very risky. They didn’t succeed and instead accomplished the opposite. Any power they were trying to give to her was being deflected. When they tried to get closer to her, they couldn’t. Some sort of barrier was keeping them from getting anywhere near her. When the babysitter came to watch Amy, she ran into her arms. Archie and Annabel were confused. Why could the babysitter touch Amy, but not them?

It took Archie and Annabel only seconds to figure out that Amy was protecting herself from anything magical. Her body must’ve thought that the magic they were trying to force into her was bad, so it was naturally protecting itself. Amy had no clue about the barrier, it just came naturally to her. Archie and Annabel tried teaching Amy how to pull back the barrier. They could only do it from a distance, seeing as if the barrier had too much contact with magic, the barrier would not only be defensive, but also offensive and try to attack whoever was trying to break the barrier.

When Amy turned 10, she had gained complete control of the barrier, and even managed to change it so that it not only kept magical people/creatures away, it could also protect her from humans. She’s still working on how to protect herself from objects.

Amy's Dad, Archie:
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Amy's Mom, Anabel:
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