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Cream yourr pants ;D

Fried Ovaries
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Werid Dream Last Night
Werid Dream Last Night Oct 11, 2009

I was seeing this from third person/first person.
I dreamed that I was in secondlife.

As a human avatar instead of the furry fox avatar I use. And there was this guy my avatar seemed to be infatuated with. He was a furry fox with black fur being the base with bright neon green with a few distinctive patterns on his tail. His green hair seeming to cover on his green eyes.[Lets call him Fur In Love] He was hanging out with two other fox furries. There was a furry fox girl, [Lets call her Fur Pink] having the same marks has the fox that my avatar was in love with. Her marks were a bit more curved than his though. Her base fur being black as the second color on her was hot pink with jagged black strips along her tail. The other fox furry was a boy. [Lets call him Fur Ordinary] He looked a bit like Fur In Love but with no distinctive marks on him at all.

My avatar looked at Fur In Love from a far Something felt wrong out of place. Dont know how it happened but Fur In Love was on the ground. I walked over to them trying not to get Fur Pink &&Fur Ordinary's a attention. Hiding behind the table that separated them. Fur Pink &&Fur Ordinary were dancing going around in a circle as if they were playing that ring around the rosie game that sings about the black plague. I looked at Fur In Love his face was turning blue. He wasnt breathing, I gasped. But covering my mouth quick enough for fur pink &&fur ordinary not to here me. I opened fur in love's mouth to try &&breath into him desperately to get breathing again. Pushing down on his chest with my hands. My whining got the other two foxes attention, asking what was I doing. I didnt respond to them. All that was going through my mind was fur in love well being.

In all my effort I could not get fur in love to breath. But I dint want to give up on him. I pulled his arm onto my shoulder using my other shoulder that was under him to hoist/support his body. I whispered something to his ear. I couldnt hear what was said though. Slowly I dragged his seemingly lifeless body. Fur Pink got mad &&followed me silently with fur ordinary by her side. I met up with a few friends &&they decided to help me. They tried there best to hide me &&fur in love's lifeless corpse from fur pink &&fur ordinary. We needed to do something. I wanted fur in love to live, bring him back from the dead so bad.

Somehow I got lost from my friends as I hid. No doubt in my mind fur pink &&fur ordinary were behind it. They had me cornered. I coward in fear holding onto fur in love's chest. Fur pink opened the chest we were hiding in. Fur pink tired to take my beloved rotting corpse away from me. But I wouldnt have it. I snapped at her. foam dripping from my mouth. I had become crazed &&un dieing urge to protect fur loves body. The way a lone wolf would keeping the spoils of an dead animal it hunted to itself. I knew fur in love was dead..nothing could bring him back. His eyes glazed over, dilated as such. Fur pink kept trying to take fur in love away. To a point where I lunged at her aiming for her stomach. Trying my hardest to land a fatal hit using my teeth.

During the fight I woke up to see myself mauling my pillow like a ravenous bear.
Basically scraping my teeth against my pillow case from side to side violently.

What comes to mind now is. What the hell was that about?!

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