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So... my boyfriend's birthday is coming up January 23rd and I wanted to get him a cool gift. I was talking to him on msn about getting him a birthday gift and I started giving him some clues and thought to myself, "Ahhh, what the hell. Why not make this a game?" So that's how this came along...

°The Game°
I'm sure you all have seen Blue's Clues at some point of your life, you know the little blue dog and Steve. Anyways, this is my spin on the game. This is a guessing game for my S M O K E D M T so he can get an idea on what his gift will be.

-No one except myself will know what the gift will be.
-I will post random clues here and there; on my profile, journal entries, comments, Cb Topics, etc. A clue will be marked with an awesome face:
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-I won't tell him if his guess is right or wrong. He'll find out on his birthday and of course get the gift.

Ann<3 says:
If I can make 75k a day, I can get your gift in 40 days

°His Guesses°
Mersad. says:
my gift must be spensive