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Amy and Matt, Chapter 1
I walked into the school office, holding my head, god I have a headache from last night... I sighed and walked over to the counter, not caring to glance around the room. I waited until the secretary looked up at me.
“Yes Amy?” Miss Newton, the school secretary asked.
"Um...I have a headache, where can I get an ice pack?" I asked the secretary.
"Right here" she said, handing me one. “also…” she motioned for me to come closer, and glanced over my shoulder, which made me glance, noticing a young boy, about my age sitting on the bench. “Can you introduce yourself to him? He’s new and doesn’t look like he’ll make many friends…” she muttered, still staring at him. He had his head down when I looked, so probably still did.
“Um, sure, thanks for the ice pack..” I smiled lightly, holding back the urge to say no to her. It was the right thing to do. I turned around, putting the ice pack up to my head, sighing lightly and closing my eyes, that felt so much better..
I opened my eyes and looked at the boy, who was now staring at me. He had the most interesting eyes… And seemed to like black. His right eye was a pale green that seemed to stare right into your soul, while his left eye was a dark blue. His dark black hair fell over his left eye and I looked down at my feet.
Biting my lip, I looked up again, only to find him looking down at his hands, playing with his spiked wrist band. “What do you want?” he asked, kind of rude.
“I just wanted to say hello…you look kind of aloof..” I muttered, looking at him, he sighed and looked at me.
“Well hello.” he kept a straight face and I bit my lip more.
“Um…I’m Amy…” I muttered.
“I heard.” he said rudely.
“You are?” I asked, nervously.
“Matt.” There was no life in his voice…as if his soul was gone…
“Nice to meet you..” I smiled lightly, still holding the ice pack to my head, I took it off and zipped open my front pocket of my over the shoulder book-bag, slipping it in, and
“Yeah.” he stated. Looking up he stared at me and I looked down, pulling down my right sleeve. It was like he knew…
“Um…What’s your first class?” I asked, biting my lip even more.
“Computer Applications.”
“Oh…can I see your schedule?” I asked, staring at him.
He sighed and handed it to me, I sat down next to him and read it over…
Computers…Art…Homeroom…World History…English 10... Earth Science… Creative Writing… Algebra 2.…Physical Education..
I looked back at him and smiled lightly, “We have all the same classes except our first hour classes…” I laughed lightly and grinned.
He shrugged “At least ill know someone…” he muttered.
I looked at him and sighed. “I’ll see you in fourth hour then…” I muttered.
“What about homeroom?” he asked, confused.
“I go to the library during homeroom, I get there before the class starts and show my pass to the teacher.” I nod lightly and he smiles lightly.
“I’ll see you in homeroom.” he smirked.
I pushed myself up, brushing my right arm against the arm rest and clenched my arm when I stood. He looked at me confused and I smiled “Cat scratch…” I muttered, and he nodded slowly, did he believe me…?
“Well ill see you then..” I muttered, and walked out of the office and sighed.
I ran to my locker, grabbing my supplies for my second to class, and checked out my arm…it was ok…for now.
I went to computers, since I missed art because I was late. I sighed and worked on my work, not thinking of how history was going, I blasted Kill Hannah in my ears, to calm me as I worked and drowned out the real world.
When I got to homeroom, I showed my teacher my pass and walked out, into Matt. I smiled and looked up at him, he had on a My Chemical Romance t-shirt, a black and white stripped hoodie over it, and dark skinny jeans. Looking completely hot. I blushed and looked back up at him, since somehow my eyes had wandered down to his shoes. He was still staring at me and frowning. I looked away he pushed his way past me. I frowned and walked to the library, reading the whole time in homeroom.
The bell rang. It was time for history.
"Hey! How do you like Madison so far?" I asked Matt when I walked into history. He was standing by the door not sure where to go. I walked over to my seat and set down my stuff and sat down.
"Great..." He muttered sarcastically.
"I’m sorry."
"Yeah. " he muttered
"Um, you can sit by me if you want to.." I said quietly, trying to be nice.
"Sure." he said pulling out the chair and sitting next to me. The seat made no sound when he pulled it out.
I put my arm under my chin so my hand wasn’t hanging lifelessly over the table.
"Your arm…" he muttered, pointing toward my wrist under my arm.
"Oh, um…its not.." I started, not sure what to lie.
"Don’t lie.” he said plainly. “I know what you do.” he said quietly.
I turned to him and stared at him “Please don’t tell anyone..” I begged
"Okay." He said nodding.
Mr. Slade walked into the classroom from out in the hallway, talking to the teachers. He had blonde long hair, brown eyes and rough look to him.
"Students, sit down. I guess we have a new student. Matt?" He asked looking around the room for a new face.
"Matt raised his hand, glaring at Mr. Slade.
"Okay Matt...Um....you need a partner for the project we’re working on, Amy? You don’t have a partner do you?"
"No...I don’t," I said quietly, moving my fingers over the scratches in the table.
"Then it’s settled. Amy you explain what were working on to Matt. Go ahead and start your projects students."
"Okay, we’re working on how they could have stopped Hitler from killing all of those people.” I muttered
“You mean the Jewish people?” he smirked.
“There were other people they killed, and yeah. We had to write a report on it.”
“How far are you?”
“I’m done.”
"You already finished?"
"Yea I’m pretty quick." I mumbled.
"I can see.” He nodded and opened his sketch book.
I watched him draw a picture I could have never drawn. "You’re good." I accidentally blurted out.
"Thanks." he said looking up. "Do you like to draw?”
"A little. But I’m not as good as you."
"I'll be the judge of that." he grabbed my sketch book.
"Please don’t. I’m not good." I said putting my hand on the cover.
"Why not?"
"Because I’m not good."
"Oh come on..."
"Fine," I gave up,
"What made you draw these?" he said flipping pages until he got to a blank one. He set the sketch pad down and looked at me.
“Just things I see in dreams.” I lied.
"Huh," he said putting the sketch pad back.
"These are not normal pictures. You should really stop that habit.” he said, pointing toward my wrist
"Yea.." I muttered
“I’m serious. Its dangerous.” That’s why I like it…
"I’m fine."
"Fine, believe what you want. Your choice, I warned you."
"Okay." I said looking down at a note book. I started to write. I don’t know exactly what I wrote, but I just wrote what I felt like writing. At the end of class I threw out the notebook.
Every class Matt sat by me. I tried to focus on the classes, but he just kept looking at me. I didn’t see him at lunch, nor did I want to.

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