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Amy and Matt Chapter 2
During the next few days, I tried to ignore him completely, which was hard because I had every class with him. He bothered me in each, giving me angry glances, and passing notes asking me ‘what was wrong‘. I never answered any, just passing them back.
Friday of that week I was sitting at my usual lunch table, all alone, staring into space and writing in my journal, when I started getting light-headed. I tried getting up to go to the rest room, like usual, when my legs weren’t steady under me. I fell into strong arms, looking up I got a glance of Matt’s face. My eyes closed on me, and Matt’s voice said “You’ll be alright…” and I blacked out.
When I awoke I found myself in the small white walled room, the nurses office, lying on a cot. Matt was sitting in a chair watching me. I love those eyes…they say everything…
“What are you doing?" I asked him. How did he know I needed him?
"Why don’t you eat? You know you'll die if you don’t," he questioned me, ignoring my question.
How did he know?
"Who said I didn’t eat?!" I asked, furious and confused.
"I watch you at lunch. I haven’t seen you take a bite yet," he said walking to me and sitting on the bed, staring at his hands.
"You've been watching me? Yeah...that’s not being a stalker at all..." I said sarcastically.
"The first day I didn’t mean to. But you weren’t eating. You just were writing in one of your notebooks, your always writing in your note books…what do you write?"
"I write in my many different journals." I said trying to sit up. "Ow..." I muttered falling back into the bed.
"You okay?" he asked, worried.
"Just a headache. As usual."
"You mean you do this all the time?" he asked nervously.
"Something like that. Why do you care anyways?" I asked looking at him.
"I know people who can help you get through this." he muttered, ignoring what I just said. "People who can help you stop cutting and not eating," he said quietly.
"I do eat! And…I don’t cut…" I muttered, lying.
"Amy. Just listen." he said staring me down.
"I don’t need your help! I’m okay!" I lied.
"No!" I yelled. I’m fine…I am… "I’m leaving." I said getting up and trying to get past him. Of course he wouldn’t let me. He grabbed my hand and turned me around.
"Amy, please, we want to help."
"Wait, we? Who else-? YOU TOLD TO SOMEONE!?" I asked starting to tear up. If…if he told someone…I..I cant end up there...I cant!
"Calm down." He said, pulling me toward him. I pulled away, but he wouldn’t let go. He held on to me, still trying to calm me. I gripped onto his shirt and buried my face into it, letting all my tears out, not making any noise. He rubbed my back and whispered “Its alright…”
I let go of him after about two or three minutes and he let go of me. I stared at him and sat down on the cot. “Why did you tell someone…?” I looked at him, how could he do that…
“What you do is dangerous for you. I needed to talk to someone. I talk to people about what’s going on in my life. And if something happens to you Amy, it will deeply effect me.” he said, sitting down next to me.
“But you don’t even know me.” I said quietly.
“But I feel like I have for a long time..” he looked at me, putting his hand over mine. “I don’t usually act like the way I do to you to anyone.” he stared at me.
“I….I have to go..” I got up. But he grabbed my hand.
“I… I have to get to class…” I muttered, even though school was almost out already. I love Eric.. I cant love him… I cant stay here…
“Amy..” He pulled me back, holding me tightly. “You cant go.” he pulled op my right sleeve and pointed to it. “That will only get worse if you keep doing this!” he said, angry. I pulled away but his grip tightened, I stared at him. “Amy…please…”
I pulled away again from him and ran out the door, entering into the office. I
held back tears as I caught the attention of the nurse Mrs. Coleman, a large woman with red frizzy hair and blue eyes.
"How are you feeling?" she asked coming over to me and putting her hand on my shoulder.
"I’m fine, didn’t eat dinner last night because of a history project, then didn’t eat breakfast or lunch." I lied.
"Oh, ok Hun; just eat something when you get home. The final bell is about to ring, you should go to your locker then get ready to go home, ok?"
"Ok Mrs. Coleman." I said turning toward the door.
"Why didn’t you tell me she was up?!" I heard her yell at Matt.
"Because I needed to talk to her…" he mumbled as I walked out into the commons. This school is too small for everything that happens here…so many rumors, so much drama, so many emotions, so many horrible things.

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