Ok so yes it's been awhile, I had exams so sue me, I guess, but not really

So a few things I need to say, other night I had this weird dream, from which it might be caused by reading too much of a certain web comic, all details will be in the next post

also exams are over, and I'm gunna be delving heavily into the video games databank

finally I really need to continue reading the manga I bought, and I really really need to save up my gold

Ok so on with the posting

This posting is all for me to gain more gold, I'm not above admitting this, but I am making this message colored white, so as to not piss of those who read this, in fact I'm not even going to give a hint to just highlight this section so that you can read this, oh well, on with the rest of the message.

As I write this message, I am watching Angel and I have this annoying pain in my thumb. Now as I say this I have nothing more to say

And no I'm not doing the usual thing where I ask questions, or blast stuff out

Look I'm just going to say my farewells and make y next page, which is the freaking dream, of which I'll explain in that