Explanation: The basis of this dream was probably from reading too much Misfile, a web comic where I've been reading for quite some time. Also the dream felt like it lasted 16 months. Also Ryobin, no!

The dream: Ok so it started with me waking up on Saturday, today actually, except for one BIG difference. Well make that TWO BIG differences, as well as the loss of ONE BIG thing.

I had regressed two years in age, meaning that instead of finishing my last year of senior high school, in just four weeks I was about to start my senior high school years. And the fun does not stop there. Oh no, not only was I going to have to go through all that stress, and mind numbing headaches all over again, but I was going to have to do it all as a girl.

So I was freaking out, not only due to me being an eighteen year old boy, in a sixteen year old girl's body, but I was also in a different house, with different items, and nobody around to explain anything. Well ok that wasn't entirely true, there was one person there....

His name was Abberose, yeah weird. He said that what I was experiencing was a test, a Buddhist noble Eightfold path trial, or some such. Thing is, I'm not Buddhist. He knew that, and he didn't care. Anyway he basically said that this trial, or test, was for me to prove myself, by being unselfish. Another thing he mentioned was that there was one other person in a similar position. Someone doing a different test, but without my restrictions. So he explains to me what the deal is, he was the one who did this to me, and until I perform the act of unselfishness, through the noble eightfold path of Buddhism, of course I had no idea what he meant, well about what I had to do.

Anyway he blabbed I got bored, but the real interesting bit was this, he wasn't going to hang around with me, help me cope with my new found body, and give me any insight. No he was going to go spend time with the other person. Yeah. Reason was, he saw I was in more control over myself. HOW IN THE F*CK WOULD HE KNOW. So he left, but not without doing two things. 1) show me that the world was changed to believe that I have always been what I was, so yeah that's why I was in a different house, alot of other things were different, but that'll come later. 2) he gave me a guest. Someone to help me cope with everything. Well someone I knew, who could possibly help me with my situation, as much as anyone could. Long story short, I had someone brought up to speed on my situation, and they were forced to help.

Now for the first few months I had to deal with, feminine problems, the fact that I had intimate relations with two of my friends, one in my old neighborhood, one from my new one, and oh man do I wish it was with a girl. Along with that I had school, exams, and the stress of all my friends, whom I had gotten to know over the past four years, leaving me behind. Also the fact that most relationships in my circle of friends were, well nothing.

Anyway, I later found out that I was acting even more selfish than before, and that things weren't going so well with the other person. Abberose, who kept in touch over the phone, told me that I was going to be trapped for a long time. This here was going into my ninth month of well my girl life, and I was distraught. Also at this time I was going through a rough patch. I was starting to freak out, again, mainly due to the fact that the first person I was in a relationship with, on that side, also happened to be my, well her, first time, and my best friend. Plus there were some other, more private problems, that just made me feel hollow, and empty inside.

So the next thing I now is, I'm waking up, in bed, still changed, but this time with the other guy I was in a relationship with. Yeah epiphany moment. More freaking out, then my, well, companion, the friend that Abberose clued in, came in and started to freak out as well, and for about two weeks after that, the two of us weren't friends. Yeah, so after about the next few weeks I decided to do the one thing that I knew was so completely unselfish. I was going to fix up the relationship between my friends.

You see, without me two relationships would have never happened, well where I am now, and one was only a matter of time, I just helped it along.

Itchi, Ryo, your relationship with each other was the one that needed helping along. Because you weren't able to bond with each other at that campout at Rocky, your relationship wasn't more than just friends. That one was easy, all I had to do was inform that Ryobin, bout what was going on, and he was on board with it. They then started going out about three weeks later.

M and J, non existent, R and A not even a blip. Instead it was a relationship between A and M, R was going out with C, and J was well single. I was the one to change all that. Ok so now Ryo and Itchi know about my confession to J about how I feel, and if all those would go back a step, where I explain my plan for W-Day, she is my Sakura. Anyway, I confessed my feelings to J, as male me, and she shoots me down about it. A few weeks later M and I are talking, and joking, and I let something slip that J likes M, but everybody was already saying that anyway. The end of year holidays, J and M got together. A, who at the time I confessed my feelings, was flirting with M. When M turned her down, I'm assuming, she went to R. I'm not sure about how C and R are connected, but in that world, I was determined to split them up. It was obvious they were just in the relationship for convenience. That one was easy, mainly because they had been talking about splitting up for some time.

M and A splitting up was difficult. M is real honorable. I won't go into detail about how I broke them up, it disgusts me that I had to stoop so low. On the other hand it was fairly easy to get M and J together. Of course that was only when A and R got together. M was only going to move on when he was sure A was happy.

Anyway A and R started going out twelve months in, about four weeks after Ryo and Itchi of that world started dating. Then one month later J and M were going out.

It was painful, as much as the first, probably more so because I was actively getting those two together. But it was worth it. Those six were happy.

I next got a call, about a week after J and M started dating, from Abberose, saying that I was in the clear, but the other person was still working through their test. I had passed, which meant, so long as I kept up all of this unselfishness, I would be back to my old self.

Well it worked.

I don't know what that other person did, and I don't care. All I do know is that when I went to sleep, 5th of January 2011, I woke up, in my old body, 14th of November 2009. That and in order to make sure it was a dream, I need to get in contact with that other person. She's someone from my past, who was a dear friend of mine, but I have no way of contacting her at this point.

Ryo and Itchi, if you two mock me on this I swear I will kill you, and I WILL MAKE YOUR LIVES HELL. I KNOW THINGS NOW.......

Bye now