so it's that a*****e's wedding today, after the football game that is. that ******** a*****e...not much more i can say besides how absolutely gullable he is, i mean i'm not friends with them anymore because his brother is a deadbeat that couldn't pay me 10 bucks over the span of a ******** month!!!

i mean come on, i have to suffer and have my friends turn their backs on my just because some 3 time drop out loser deadbeat got his pride hurt when i asked for 10 bucks back that he borrowed from me when he had money in the first's so ridiculas

i would love to challenge mike to an actual cage match, i would love that so much not to jump him but to enter the arena with him, man to man and defeat him then tell joey how much of a ******** tool he is for automatically taking his piece of s**t brother's would be nice to call out anthoney himself too, i mean i'm sure he would pose no problem in the ring and it's not my style to just jump someone

we need the collesium back, i'm sure that would keep prison populations low and civic funds high....oh well i hope he has a nice "beige" life with his boring average wife and he lives in a boring average house in a boring average neighborhood and a boring average job

******** assholes