As the Title suggests this is the most proper explanation of TSS that I can ever give, as well as the origins of TSS, a list of examples of those involved with TSS, and finally some of the trials taken by those suffering from the Tomoyo Complex

1. What is TSS essentially?

TSS is a condition shared by three people. These three people usually start off as being good friends, whether it be by having one being a friend to two others that have never met before, or by having one being a rival/enemy/non-friend of another one, while the third is neutral to the other two. These three in any case then diverge from being good friends, to becoming a couple and a third wheel. This is where the path diverges yet again, in that the third wheel can become jealous and hateful to either of the couple or both, which leads to a path of destruction for all three, as seen in the D.N.Angel legend of Ice and Dark. However, they could also diverge into the third wheel being hurt, yet staying good friends to both of them.

Either divergence may lead to TSS, in that the third wheel after sorting through all their negative emotions they discover the truth in that the couple is happy, and decides to help the relationship, in anyway possible.

TSS also stands for the three individual 'profiles' for the three people, what 'role' they 'play' in TSS.

Tomoyo Complex - The sufferer

Sakura Identity - The benefactor

Syaoran Likeness - The instigator

2. What are the origins of TSS?

TSS may have started in earlier writings, either in early film productions, stage dramas, or books and/or scriptures before May of 1996, but the discovery first made by a man named Sasha sometime in-between 1999 and 2002. This discovery was found in the Clamp manga series Cardcaptor Sakura. Some of you may have originally guessed from viewing the 'profiles', or by having read CCS for yourselves, but in CCS the character named Tomoyo has had feelings for the character Sakura for a long time, but Sakura has feelings for the character Syaoran. Tomoyo after realising this before either of themdecides to help them out with their relationship.

After Sasha made this discovery, he then started to notice that this theme appearing in other media, and it was only when he himself was presented with a similar theme in his day-to-day life, that he decided to study this condition. I myself am one of his research subjects on the matter and have given insight into the Tomoyo Complex. He then later divulged his findings to me, and I've only recently decided to share the full info here.

Recent attempts to divulge the subject of TSS hasn't been easy, mainly due to me losing all copies I had, and only revealing useful tidbits at my own choosing, and even then they were confusing to most. However, this entry is a more in-depth explanation of TSS.

3. What are some of the individual characteristics of TSS?

Tomoyo Complex
Those that are dealing with the Tomoyo Complex have a few things in common:
a) They have strong emotional feelings for someone in a relationship with someone else
b) They dislike the someone else to a slight extent (not enough to stop them from being friends)
c) They usually say or do something that others might perceive as them being weird, but it is just a coping mechanism
d) Whenever some crucial part of the someone and someone else's relationship has happened, they would have had something to do with it
e) They can never truly smile around the someone, and/or the someone else (may not be the case, they may never truly smile again, but they defiantly cannot around the other two in TSS)

Those that are dealing with the Tomoyo Complex are also known to be in intense emotional pain, and are prone to acts of solitude from time to time, they are known as the sufferer, because they cannot be loved by those they are in love with, and they cannot hate the other person because they make the one they are in love with happy.

Tomoyo Complex sufferers may also complete a set of challenges to relieve some of the pain. These challenges, once completed may also allow the sufferer to move on, and not cling to a fantasy of what ifs, but the completion of these challenges has only been witnessed twice. Once by Tomoyo, whose namesake is her 'profile', and once by me. In both cases, being in a relationship with another has yet to happen.

These challenges include:

i. Confession: This part is where the sufferer confesses their feelings towards the other two in TSS. Though ambiguity is optional, it is recommended to be straight forward in the confession. The confession may also be said to someone not in the TSS triangle.

ii. Solidification: This is where the sufferer helps to strengthen the relationship between the two others. This can be by bringing them closer together if the relationship isn't past the friends stage, or by patching up and smoothing out the cracks and rocky bits if needed

iii. Reinvention: This is where the sufferer creates new ways for the other two to express themselves. One way is by a mythological way of binding them together (eg: White Day ribbon, paopu fruits, etc), or by creating a situation where their emotions of love for each-other is presented by themselves

iv. Sequestration: This is where the sufferer forfeits their emotions for the one they love. This step is one of the hardest steps of all, and must only be attempted when the sufferer either feels ready, of fate decides they are ready. This step can be attempted in any form. For Tomoyo she gave up her emotions for Sakura during the second Cardcaptor Sakura film, by getting Sakura and Syaoran to admit they love each-other. For myself it was a very intense dream, one which is in my previous journal post.

The sufferer is required to perform this task if they wish to change themselves into one that has surpassed TSS. If they do wish to, however, they may remain as they are and not perform this task, but then fate may have a different idea.

v. Valediction: This is where, after relinquishing their emotions, the sufferer must then say good-bye to the one they love. This isn't a task where they say good-bye forever, and never see each-other again, but rather a good-bye to the past. A good-bye to the intense emotional pain, and finally seeing the world that isn't revolved around the one they love. This is simultaneously the easiest and the hardest step of all.

It is easy in the sense that after the previous step, they feel they no longer have any intense emotions for the one they love, yet it is hard in the sense that they are saying good-bye to any fantasies, dreams, and/or hopes of ever being together with the one they love.

That is the Tomoyo Complex

Sakura Identity

Those dealing with the Sakura Identity, are simultaneously the most beneficial of those with TSS, and the most luckiest. They are beneficial in that they have a good friend that cares about them, and a significant other that loves them. Another trait that is usually present is the lack of knowledge associated with their friend being attracted to them. All benefactors of the Sakura Identity also changed their friend's life, either directly or in-directly. For Tomoyo it was gaining a good friend, and for me it was discovering that there was someone out there in the world like me, and as a result to be myself.

Benefactors are also strong, either in terms of being able to take care to themselves, or by having emotional strength, physical strength, or mental strength. Sometimes a combination thereof. Finally all benefactors have a kind heart.

That is the Sakura Identity

Syaoran Likeness

Those dealing with the Syaoran Likeness are also known as the instigators for one good reason. It is through them that we find out who has what 'profile'. They are usually brave, strong, stubborn, thickheaded, and aren't afraid to take a stupid risk. These characteristics coupled with the fact that all instigators have caring souls shows how they'll not only take care of the ones they love, but will also make them happy.

Instigators usually also turn to their friend suffering from the Tomoyo Complex for help with the one they love. Also either by direct knowledge, or just by connecting the dots, the instigators can usually tell that the one suffering from the Tomoyo Complex likes the one they love.

Another common fact with the instigators is that they are likable, making it harder for those suffering from the Tomoyo Complex to hate them.

That is the Syaoran Likeness

4. List of known fictional TSS

In reality I only know of two groups, mine and Sasha's, and since I only use nicknames/usernames in this journal, I cannot divulge the names of the other four, but my friends who read this will know., Still here are the fictional, confirmed TSS people.

Sufferers, Benefactors, Instigators - Location

Tomoyo, Sakura, Syaoran - Cardcaptor Sakura

Ryouga, Akane, Ranma - Ranma 1/2

Momiji, Tohru, Kyo - Fruits Basket

Justin, Elliot, Sarah - El Goonish Shive

Barrasa, Angela, Hogdens - Bones (Briefly)

Hogdens, Angela, Roxy - Bones (Briefly)

Riku, Kairi, Sora - Kingdom Hearts

Shiro, Ayumi, Musashi - As the Death God Dictates

Kami-sama, Yasuko, Taichi - Koi no Kami-sama

Taichi, Sora, Yamato - Digimon 02

Satella, Chrno, Rosette - Chrno Crusade

Others may be added when confirmed, but for the moment these are those that fit all three categories, if you think there are others, please feel free to put them in a comment or two, but now you know what TSS is.

Good day then to you all