For when you're sad
For when you're upset
For when you're mad
Just smile, like you haven't got a care in the world

Whenever you're depressed
Whenever you're jealous
Whenever you're oppressed
Just laugh, like your drunk and you've just hurled

While you're disgusted
While you're full of remorse
While you're mistrusted
Just jump around, like your letting a bag of sugar run it's course

So when you're in pain
So when you're about to die
So when you're emotionally insane
Just grin, like an idiot that'll never cry

I tell you this, because life is grim
Because life hurts
Because life will throw pain and hardship
To every single positive sap

Listen close now
To these words I say
For it's good advice
That may help you some day

Whenever life has got you feeling like crap
Smile, laugh, jump around, and grin
Be forever happy when others are around
But cry, whenever you're alone.

Because feeling like crap, truly is crap