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altering reality
another set.
here is my next set of poems.....

Blood Red Rose

A blood red rose apon her grave
For me her life she gave.
Yet still walk in the dark
In this baren bloody park

All I know will die one day
But alone I will stay
Even as they are put in the ground
I walk alone without a sound

The smell of death filled the air
As the blood dripped from her hair
Why she died I know not
Why was it not I who was shot

I should have died apon that day
Why I did not I cannot say
For my life she pays the fee
Her soul can no longer be

A blood red rose there it lays
As go by these endless days
And even as the world ends
Its blood red stem never bends

Warriors Grave

As you lay apon your dieing bed
Your body your soul doth shead
By the blade you lived and died
Many times death you defied

All is done you fight no more
As you die apon the shore
The blackness closes over you
And you know your death is true

Through hells fires you do roam
This is now your new home
And for the death you did bring
Your name the demons sing


An oath of death did I take
The human race did I forsake
But this ended not my plight
Tis the reason that I fight

The great devine so many desire
All they'll find is hells great fire
Thier blood will turn the rivers red
As they fall among the dead

The fallen lay all around
as I hide without a sound
Kings will rise and nations fall
But they will matter not at alll

No matter what they do and say
The world will end one bloody day
They will lay there cold and dead
And this is what they do dread.

Fallen Angles

Fallen angles at my feet
As I wander through the street
her life was ended far too soon
But that is the human boon

My blood runs cold near her grave
I am the one she died to save
I vowed my vengence on that day
That I would make them pay

I seek my vengence all alone
All I see is her tomb stone
In the darkness I doth hide
Here where fallen angles abide


With me her soul doth walk
as her killer I doth stalk
Our revenge shall now be
then her soul can be free

Though she lies in the ground
I follow her as my heart pounds
A blade grasped firmly in my hand
I will put him in the sand

Though there is lightning and thunder
I can now rest, he's six feet under
As I lay at her resting place
My heart doth now longer race


The shattered remnants of my soul
I collect as the bell tolls
She was all that matered to me
But now she can no longer be

With a black heart I wander alone
And my life seems monotone
I show my sadness with a sigh
and I know I cannot die

She gave her life for me
looking now thats all I see
I will take it to my grave
that she died my life to save

Wandering Soul

As her soul wanders earth not sky
I sit here and wonder why
On that dark and bloody day
Her life she threw away

As I lay and think here now
I cant free her I know not how
It was my fault she died that day
Though that is not what she would say

She would still live today
Had we not walked that darkened way
It was to be a great night
untill the crossfire of that fight

She told me to leave her die
But would not tell me why
Now shes bound to this plane
to exist in eternal pain

As she wanders earth not sky
I sit here and hope to die
It was me who caused her death
As she cried her dieing breath


All is black though it is day
I hear not just what they say
Her blood spreads over the ground
As she dies without a sound

Did they not aim for me
She is dead how can this be
Had she not jumped to save my life
I would not need to end this strife

Though she's dead I hear her talk
As alone Through the park I walk
Have I realy lost my head
Because she is now dead

I see her walking with me here
Without even the smallest tear
As I ask her why she died
In me she will not confied

by: Darkdemonic

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Fri Feb 10, 2006 @ 11:43pm
feel free to critisize... or comment.

commentCommented on: Sat Feb 11, 2006 @ 02:02am
they were all based on one thing but i liked them heart
and i loved the names blood red rose and Fallen Angles

Community Member
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