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Gregory and Lewin
Lewin is a vampire. He's... harsh. Lewin shows little emotion, and if he shows any, most of the time it's going to be in the form of anger. Lewin treats Gregory like a toy. A thing that can be tossed aside at any moment. That's not however, how Lewin feels about Gregory. Gregory is so immature half the time, that Lewin sometimes feels like he's parenting the other male. Lewin is abusive, if Gregory messes up the male takes a beating for it. Lewin's parents died at a young age and he was forced to take care of his two younger siblings. During that time he snapped. Lewin went off the deep end and ended up seriously injuring his younger brother. Lewin hit that point of no return - which is what caused his harsh attitude. Lewin is really trying to help Gregory when he does what he's does. Gregory took some heroine, solution? Beat his a**. If you kick a dog enough times, eventually it's going to stop doing what made it get kicked. To Lewin it was simple enough logic. He's violent and sadistic.

Gregory was once human. As a human he was the scumb of scumb. He was skeezy drug dealer, not to mention a drug addict. Gregory loved it all. His poison of choice every time was heroine. One day he ran into the male named Lewin. Gregory had been fighting with his younger brother, and upon getting his a** kicked, Lewin promptly dragged the boy off. Lewin decided he was going to 'harden' Gregory and ended up beating him for hours. Gregory has very bitter feelings towards Lewin - but most of the time he's too stoned or drugged out to care. Gregory is very chill most of the time, and he's not really the sharpest tool in the shed. He's so far in the closet it's almost funny. He gets extremely defensive and angry when people accuse him of being gay or bisexual. He doesn't have a filter when he talks, and he's really blunt. That normally gets him in trouble.

Gregory & Lewin's relationship
Described in one word? Abusive. Lewin isn't used to companionship and isn't very fond of people. When he stumbled across Gregory what he saw was a little child. Something to be molded and changed. He wanted to possess the male. There was no emotion about it. Gregory wasn't really given a choice. Lewin brought Gregory to Gregory's house to get his stuff, and in the process proceeded to get Gregory kicked out of his house. Gregory had no where to go but with Lewin. Gregory acts like a spoiled teenager, he takes the nice things he gets for granted. He doesn't realize that things he's doing might hurt anyone. Or make someone mad. He constantly messes up, and then Lewin makes him pay for it dearly. Lewin is very possessive of Gregory and keep a strong hold on him. Rarely does Lewin let him go out, and if he does go out Lewin accompanies him. Lewin has a thing for Gregory's hair. He's constantly playing with the long blond locks and if Gregory cut it off, he's probably kill him.

Bio Details
Name: Gregory Silvera.
Age: 26.
Height: 6'3.
Body Type: Slender.
Sexual Orientation: Closet Bisexual.
Hair Color: Blond.
Eye Color: Baby Blue.

Name: Lewin Aldridge
Age: 63. Looks 27.
Height: 6'7
Body Type: Muscular (not grossly though, slender but muscular.)
Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual.
Hair Color: Black.
Eye Color: Ocean Blue.

Ref Pictures
Most of these pictures are couples. I figured it'd be straight forward, but i'll tell you anyway. Gregory is the blond one. Lewin is the black haired one.


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