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Zephyrus and William
Zephyrus is your friendly neighborhood vampire. He's a kind and gentle soul... with a sex drive like no other. Unlike his older brother - Lewin - Zeph loves almost everything. He's happy most of the time and is constantly looking for love... in all the wrong places. Which is how he stumbled across someone like William. Zephyrus is madly in love with William, and he feels the need to show it, constantly. Zephyrus is touchy and lovey. He's constantly holding onto William, whether it be his arm or his hand. Zeph's almost always got a smile on his face. Those baby blue eyes of his are like nothing the world's ever seen. They can make a nun drop her panties. Zeph is a lady killer, and although he loves William, he cheats constantly. Although William has no problem with it, mainly because William Garnett doesn't have sex. Ever. End of story. Zephyrus knows all of William's dark and juicy secrets, which is perhaps why William puts up with the idiocy of their every day life.

William Garnett is what most call 'A Very Bad Man'. He prowls the night in search of victims. He makes Jack the Ripper look like Whinny the Pooh. The people he hangs with? Makes the Manson Family look like a bunch of school kids. William Garnett is a sociopath. He's part of the cult 'The Next Generation'. (No. Not the Indigo Children.) He'd do anything for his leader - K-Lyn Enders. William's mood is generally stoic and unchanging. He gets annoyed easily and doesn't like to be touched. He manipulated Zeph into killing for him with promises of love, family and friendship. Zeph took this the wrong way and ended up claiming William as his boyfriend. Which William was completely content with... as long as Zeph steered clear of any sexual contact. Bodily fluids are the one thing that will now, and forever, disgust William. He will vomit if he sees them. Don't even get me on the topic of touching them. William is skin and bones. He's anorexic, eating barely enough to keep him alive. He's got dark circles under his eyes because the male sleeps perhaps once every three days. And that's only because his body succumbs to the exhaustion. William's paranoia is what keeps him up at night. He constantly thinks someone is out to get him. He's a skiddish man who's hair is almost always in tangles. Some say there's a thin line between genius and insane.

Zephyrus & William's relationship
Zephyrus and William have a peculiar relationship. Mostly because William doesn't like Zeph that much. They live together in a house in Borne, Massachusetts. It's the house that William grew up in... and the house that William murdered his mother, his father, and his little sister in. William lets Zeph galavant out with whomever he desires, mainly because William knows that at the end of the day, all those people were just a release of sexual tension for Zeph. Nothing more than a booty call. Zeph's loyalty lies with William Garnett. Zeph isn't a mindless drone when it comes to William, but he tends to act out when he feels he's being treated unfairly. William has grown to compromise with Zeph over the time they've been together. Instead of having two separate beds, they share one. William cooks while Zeph changes their cats - her name is Kimberly, she's black with blue eyes - litterbox. William takes Zeph out on a proper date every now and then. And in return, William get's left alone to play Halo and work on more hacking programs. William will never admit it, but he's starting to feel SOMETHING for the other male. He just isn't positive what it is yet.

Bio Details
Name: William Garnett
Age: 23.
Height: 6'2.
Body Type: Anorexic.
Sexual Orientation: Straight. But gay for Zeph.
Hair Color: Black.
Eye Color: Chocolate Brown.

Name: Zephyrus Aldridge
Age: 52. Looks 22.
Height: 6'2
Body Type: Slender but toned.
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Hair Color: Black.
Eye Color: Ocean Blue.

Ref Pictures
Almost all of these are couple pictures. Since they both have blue hair, and some pictures don't emphasis the eyes. William is almost ALWAYS in the front, and if he's not he's the one who looks generally unhappy to be there.


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