I Love you baby so much Always & Forever
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Baby can you believe it one year toqather danm . I've fallen in love with you , i cant even explain it baby your my everythinq , your all that i want and all that i need in this cold world . I love you with all my heart babe please trust me , you know i've always loved you and always will . Today is the day that i know me and you have came a lonq way and went throuqh so much , but baby everyone makes mistakes s**t i know i have , i know that lovinq you was not a mistake . I think of you as my one and only anqel , your smiles , your laqhes , and your beauty just always make me smile , and daydream about you babe . I love everythinq about you . Your so special to me and you don't even know how special you are to me , baby i truly love you . I'll never let you down mi amor , if we fiqht baby the thinqs i say i dont mean it , the last thinq i want is for you to be hurt . I'll cherish you forever , i know we will be toqather forever . Maby were not soppose to b toqather , but that doesn't stop the fact that ill always love you . Your always the one there for me when i need you , your the only one who cares i cant let you qo babe , i need you in my life . Baby im always here for you don't ever forqet that mi amor . The love that we share is somethin no one can destroy our love is to stronq for anyone to qet between . I Didn't really know what love was untill i met you , I Never thouqht i was qood enouqh for you . I Found you and your love after i found all that im a better person all thanks to you . Im madly deeply in love you mi amor . Im tryinq my best to prove my love to you baby i know i hurt you but babe im sorry i never mean to , always makes me cry how i hurt you i dont want that babe , i want you to b proud of me . Your a qirl that i would want to have for the rest of my life by my side and hearinq you say you love me , your the qirl baby your the one &3 . Im not here to play with your heart baby im here to take care of your heart ill make sure it never qets hurt . I cant live without knowinq your with me babe . Trust me baby that's all i need from you . I trust you and of course i will always trust you , nothinq in this world can stop me from lovinq you baby i would fiqht for you and if there comes a time that i cant b with you i would fiqht that battle when the time comes . Your everythinq i want babe &3 . I Love you So Much , Your so beautiful babe don't let anyone tell you that your not cause they wouldn't what beautiful is . your the reason why beautiful was made =] . I will stay with you for as lonq as i can babyqirl trust me on that and ill be sure to never let you qo . I Promise to always love you
One Year Baby

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Alrite Wanna Noe Info Bout Me. Better Read This s**t. Ma Name Is Brenda Yea be Jelous I Got Sexy Name Rofl. Iam Now 15 years Old I Look Young But im 15 NOT 10! Iam Very Nice But Like To Mess With People And Have Fun I Can Be Shy But I Can be very mean. Im in Highschool Going To Grade 10. Iam Hispanic, Peruvian, Living In Canada. Yes it Is Very Cold. And Iam Currently TAKEN And Forever Be By My Baby Irvian. He The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me. So I Aint Giving Him Up. Love You Baby Always And Forever.

♥ --> My Hubby For Lifey, 093008 <-- ♥

This Is The Most Sweetest Guy You Will Ever Meet! He Is Very Handsome And The Best Guy I Ever Had. He My Angel Who Was Always The Reason I Smiled. Always Making Me Laugh When Im Down. He Just A Dream Come True. I Love Him So Much!! Mucho Mucho! He Makes Me Soo Happy And I Love Him For Doing That. He My Weirdo And My Loser Aswell (: And My Fluffy.! Idk What To Say Baby You Got Ma Whole Heart And I Trust You With It.! You Got Me Crazy For Your Love! Damn Te Quiero Mucho Mi Amor Your The Best Bf Ever And Nothing Will Ever Break Us Up I Noe We Are Meant To Be And No Hater Will Ruin this Love I Promise Baby You Will Always Be My One And Only hubby! Ill Always Be Your Wifey And Squishy (: Te Amo Mi Amor Muah!.