Besides being able to use hand to hand combat, Speedy makes use of several weapons, some conventional and others annoying.

Bob the Alpaca: Considered more of a weapon than an actual companion, Bob provides the blunt damage and annoyance that one man can't manage. He is often used as a mace, or a bubblegum trap due to all the disgusting things that are caught in his coat.

Cheez-It the Goat: Speedy's combat companion, Cheez-It the battle goat is a small gold colored goat, trained by him to beat the next goat wrestling champion. Cheez-It may seem small, but the little guy is strong enough to break rock with his headbutts, but can only do so once he goes into battle mode. Battle mode is unlocked when he feels the winds pick up around him.

Machetes: Speedy refers to the two machetes he uses in battle as his "wings". It is joked that the reason he calls them such is because he feels inadequate, being one of the few aeromancers who can't fly.

Vuvuzela: Does this even need explaining? Speedy's answer to Zack, his rival's, guitar based attack. Speedy uses supreme control of his lungs and the air to blast out maximum annoyance with this weapon.

Speedy has several spells, that can be classified as either enhancement types, wind manipulation types or form crafting types.

Enhancement: Using these spells, Speedy can strengthen the physical properties of materials in his surrounding and his own body.

Accelero (I accelerate): Basic acceleration spell. Allows the body to function at much higher speeds. Speedy can only hold this spell for 6 seconds at a time.

Hasta (Spear): A spell that speeds up one movement of one limb. Meaning that one punch will be accelerated, but only that punch. After that, the speed returns to normal.

Acuo (I sharpen): A sharpening spell that refines the target with a wind edge. Speedy mainly uses it to sharpen whatever weapon he holds.

Lupus Venti (Wolf of Wind): A variation of the sharpening spell. It targets the casters nails and teeth, sharpening them into deadly weapons.

Duro (I strengthen): By hardening the air inside his own body, Speedy can strengthen his insides and prevent them from receiving heavy damage. However, since it solidifies the air in his body, his circulation is cut off, so he can only do it for a split second, forcing him to time it perfectly.

Caedo (I cut) :A combination of both a sharpening spell and an acceleration spell. Speedy can only hold it for only two seconds.

Manipulation: Besides being able to play tricks with the wind, Speedy also knows some stronger spells that control the wind and make it useful in fighting.

Seco (I sever): After watching another wind elemental fire a wind blade, Speedy decided to try and imitate her. He uses his two machetes in order to concentrate the wind into a fine edge before swinging them and throwing it at his opponent.

Aspiratrum (Vacuum): Speedy builds a wind vacuum in order to suck minor attacks and small objects towards a certain point.

Turbo (Tornado): A simple tornado summoning spell. The size of the tornado can be controlled by the one who summons it.

Abite (Go away): A rotating wall of wind that protects the user. Any attack that hits it is not only blocked, but is also diverted. The user cannot move while using this spell.

Depello (I push): A strong burst of wind fired from the user's palms. Usually used to push away opponents or to cause heavy blunt damage.

Malleus Venti (Wind Hammer): One of Speedy's most often used spells. A large amount of wind is compressed around his fist. When Speedy punches with this spell, the air around his fist bursts, causing a heavily compressed blast of wind to be released and cause damage to the target.

Mille Mallei Venti (1000 Wind Hammers): The spell is executed in the exact same way as Malleus Venti, only Speedy does several of them in rapid succesion using the aid of an acceleration spell.

Cataegis Crudus(Bloody Hurricane): Speedy uses a powerful wind to pick up any debris such as glass, pieces of wood, and steel. He then throws all this debris at his opponent, jamming all collected debris into them.

Sagitta (Arrow): By charging up wind magic and firing it out of his fingertips, Speedy makes a thin piercing wind arrow. Speedy can only hold one arrow per finger each time he uses this technique.

Ballista (Ballista): Ballista is a much larger version of Sagitta. Basically, it's the same spell as Sagitta, only instead of firing the shots out of his fingertips one at a time, he shoots all of them out together.

Crux Venti (Cross of Wind): Speedy's strongest wind manipulation spell. He sucks in all the surrounding air into one surface and pushes it against his opponent before releasing it in one enormous burst. The blast comes out in the form of a cross before exploding and sending powerfuls gusts all over the place. Due to the strong recoil of the attack, it is only used when Speedy uses his Anima Venti and protects his own body. Otherwise, the shock could easily tear his own body apart.

Combination Manipulation Spells:

Malleus Venti + Sagitta = Disruptio (Explosion): Normally targeted at gigantic opponents, Disruptio is a move used to destroy the enemy from the inside out. By using the wind arrows to burrow holes into the enemy before quick releasing the air gathered from his wind hammer and forcing it into the hole, Speedy causes the air pressure to build up and force his enemy to inflate like a balloon until they explode.

Crafting: Crafting is the use of wind based magic to form wind type weapons and structures.

Anima Venti
(Spirit of Wind): It involves decompressing the heavily compressed wind magic that hovers above his head in the form of a halo and crafting it back into a different form, usually weapons or armor, though the user may craft it to whatever shape they wish. Everytime he uses another wind spell, whatever he has crafted by using this spell will disintegrate a little. If the crafted object disintegrates, the user will be unable to use any wind type spells until he fully recovers and forms another wind halo.

Speedy's Anima Venti is in the form of a masked and armored knight with a flashy golden gauntlet and a rapier. This form increases his over all agility as well as improves his upper body strength.

Another form Speedy has built for his Anima Venti is the wind armor Afflatus Divine. Afflatus Divine boasts of much higher speed and attack power than his original armor, though has much lower defense. In Afflatus Divine form, all slicing type attacks increase to 400% in size and power, but piercing attacks are not as effective.

Via Venti
(Wind Road): This spell allows Speedy to walk in midair for a few seconds on an invisible path in the sky. However, once the road is formed, anyone, including the opponent, can move on it.

Team abilities:

A.S.H: Adam Missile: Using his invincible body as a missile, Hangman's rope as a sling and Speedy's shouts to confuse the enemy, Adam becomes the essential part of this three man combo. Hangman and Speedy grab onto the demon rope and let Adam fall into it, almost like loading a slingshot, before shrinking the rope at high speed and launching Adam at the opponent. Speedy then casts an acceleration spell on Adam to increase the devastating power of their human torpedo.

A.S.H: Adam Javelin (Angel Imp Form): A variation of the Adam Missile, this technique can only be done once in Angel Imp mode. Once Adam is launched into the air, he does an aerial flip and erects his tail, pointing it towards the target. Speedy then casts a sharpening buff on him, turning him into an effective piercing missile.

A.S.H Ultimate: Adam Crimson Cutter (Angel Imp Form): The A.S.H. team ultimate move requires Adam to position all parts of his body perfectly. When launched, Adam must position himself parallel to the ground and spread his wings as wide as possible to allow himself to glide straight to the opponent. His tail must be used in order to hold himself steady in his short flight as well, otherwise, crashing would be easy. When finally positioned right, Speedy will cast a sharpening and accelerating spell on Adam's wings, allowing them to cut through any target. The technique, in short, turns Adam's useless wings into large flying blades.

E.N.D. Ultimate: The Wicked End: Speedy plays the catalyst of destruction in this ultimate move. After Elise uses her barrier to absorb all damage done within the battle and converts it into energy, and after Darren summons the Keeper of the Seven Keys technique to jump start Elise's ability, all the energy drawn is transferred to Speedy's body and converted into a for he can use. When he receives the buff, all his stats are rated to go above an S ranked fighter's, turning him into a weapon of mass destruction for a few minutes. After this technique wears off though, Speedy's body is mostly torn apart by the strength of the spell and he is forced to recover for a day or so.