How I look:User Image

Name:Benito Ad-Teiner (Ben)
Age:18 (372)
Dorm # :12
Bio:Ben was born in England to a family of shape-shifters. They traveled often but preferred to stay in England due to having family there. When Ben turned 8 his great uncle ,that was turned into a vampire, killed everyone in his family; but when he got to Ben he only bit him. Not kill him. Since then he lived with some family in England before running away at the age of 14. He ran to America as a safe haven.When he was accepted to this school he was ecstatic, that maybe someone might understand him there.
Personality: Caring, Helpful, Persuasive, understanding, and is secretive towards some.
I like: Music, basketball, friends, books, and animals.
I hate: Jackasses, fights, nekos(nothing personal. yes i am a shape-shifter), and obsessive people.
Sex :Male
Sexuality: Girls
Postings color: Brown and olive