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[color=red]HHH x HBK
*chapter 2*
A week or two later, Hunter was alone in the locker room. Hunter had taken the last few days off to pull himself together, after what happened behind the Wells Fargo Arena. Now they were in Chicago, Illinois. “Hey, Hunter! I haven’t seen you in a while! How ya doin’?” Jeff exclaimed. Hunter looked at Jeff with a scowl and looked away. Matt caught up, and asked “Wow, are you okay, Hunter?” “I’m okay; I guess…” hunter replied. “Hey! What happened with you and Shawn?” Jeff asked without thinking. “Jeff! What did I tell you about getting into peoples business?” Matt scolded. “Jeez! Do ya always gotta scold me on everything I do?” Jeff said. Hunter stayed quiet. Matt noticed Hunter was looking pretty depressed. “Hey, what happened? You look as if your heart had been broken!” Matt said. Hunter looked at him. “Oh.” Was all Matt could say. “See I told ya that Cena was gonna go after ‘em.” Jeff said. “All that’s left to do is at least tell Shawn your feelings before him and Cena get too serious! Since he doesn’t know how you feel, how should he know that he hurt you? He may feel the same way, but thought you didn’t like him the way he liked you.” Jeff said. Hunter and Matt looked at Jeff, wondering were this knowledge came from. “What? It was just a thought.” Jeff said. A little bit of weight lifted off Hunters chest, as he hoped this time, what Jeff said was true.
Shawn and Cena were hanging out in Cenas’ hotel room while waiting for the show to start. Shawn was still worried about Hunter and not seeing him for a few days made Shawn worry more. “Shawn, you look like something is bothering you. What’s up?” Cena asked. “Ever since Hunter found out about you and me, I haven’t seen him a lot. I’m worried… he’s my friend… I don’t want to lose him…” Shawn replied. Cena felt jealous when he heard this. ‘I’ll make him forget Hunter…’ Cena thought to himself. He grabbed Shawn and kissed him forcefully, while his hand went lower and lower. Shawn pulled away. “No, John, It’s too soon…” John didn’t listen. He grabbed Shawn and forced another kiss. Shawn tried to push Cena away. “John… Stop!” Cena took Shawn and forced him down on the bed while holding down his hands. He kissed more forcefully. Shawn kneed Cena in the groin and ran out the room with tears in his eyes. Shawn ran down the hall with his eyes closed, not watching what he was doing, until he bumped into something. Shawn stopped but didn’t look up. “Sorry…” Shawn said. “Shawn?” he heard a voice say. Shawn looked up and saw Hunter standing before him. “H-Hunter…” Shawn started to say. “Are you okay Shawn?” Hunter asked sounding worried. Shawn knew how protective Hunter was, so, Shawn lied. “Ah… uh… it’s just Cena… being a jerk…” Shawn replied laughing uncomfortably. Hunter knew that was a lie. Hunter grabbed Shawn and held him. “Hunter?” Shawn said as he blushed. Hunter mumbled something that Shawn couldn’t make out. “Hunter let go… I’m with Cena…” Shawn said. Hunter just held him. “I can’t… If I let go, I’ll lose you to him.” Hunter said. “What… Hunter, what are you saying?” Shawn asked. “Shawn, I love you… more than I could love anyone.” Hunter replied. Shawn felt his face get hot as he stared at Hunter. Hunter leaned toward Shawn and kissed Shawn passionately. Shawn pushed away from Hunter feeling really confused. John may have hurt him, but, he loved John… right? Did John really love Shawn too? Or did he just want to get in his pants… Then there’s Hunter. The second Hunter told Shawn he loved him, Shawn realized the loved Hunter too… Shawn ran away from Hunter leaving him standing there, hurt and feeling rejected.

~Once again, more to come smile ~

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