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Random words that spill from my finger tips
Title says it all :]
Ɍҽɗ ɣ Ƀʅɑϲқ: Chapter one, part three
xxɌҽɗ ɣ βʅɑϲқxx

So to shorten things up. We all headed to the Dollar store that was just down the street from my house. We picked up candy, chips, pop, and a game of mini checkers. Jake bought a mini plastic water gun. Oh boy...

After we bought our goodies, we headed back to my house. There, we watched Zombieland, then played the Wii until my mom came home.

"Hey Mia." She said when she opened the door to the garage and set 3 bags of groceries on the island. She turned around. "Oh, hey kids. I didn't know you were going to be here." she said as she set her purse on the table. Jake and Layla were in a fight-to-the-death Tennis match. It was going perfect and Layla was kicking Jake's butt until Jake saw the grocery bags. He paused the game and slid the safety strap off his wrist.

"What'd you get me, mom?" he asked as he walked to the kitchen and started peering through the bags.

Jake's mom left when he was seven. So he didn't really like her that much. So he called my mom his mom because she treated him like her own son. She treated all of my friends like her own children.

"Jacob Ian Colt don't touch any of that food, it's for the dinner tomorrow night at my work." she said in a stern voice. "Oh, ouch mom. Don't need to call me by my full name." Jake said. She just smiled and started taking things out of the bag and putting them into cuboards and the fridge. "Hi Mrs.Ferman!" Layla said as she walked into the kitchen and began helping my mom put things away. "Layla, how many times do I have to tell you? Call me Sheri. I don't like Mrs.Ferman. It makes me feel old." my mom said. I laughed and walked into the kitchen and sat at the island next to Jake. Zack followed and stood next to the island.

"So what time again do I need to drop Mia off at your house Layla?" she asked. "Well we leave at ten o'clock a.m. So maybe around nine, nine-thirty?" Layla asked. "Alright, hear that Mia? That means you have to be up and outa bed at eight. No later than eight fifteen. You got me?" she asked. "Yeah I got you mom." I replied.

It was three forty-two. After Layla helped my mom put the gorceries away, she went back and continued her game with Jake. I played winner, which was Layla. I won. Zack faced against me. He won. It was pretty intense.

After we played the Wii, Layla, Jake and Zack all went home. It was four thirty when they left.

I helped my mom cook food for her work dinner and went upstairs and got my stuff ready. I packed a suit case full of cloths and what not. Then I grabbed my Transformers messanger bag (your jelous, I kow) and stuck my DSi, mp3 player and three DS games in there. Like Layla said, it was a two and a half hour drive. I needed something to do!

My Aunt dropped off Chris around five. Why didn't my mom pick him up on her way home?
You got me.

My dad got home around seven, and we all ate dinner. Beef stew. Yum.

After dinner, I went upstairs, took a shower, and played videogames until maybe, ten. Then I went to bed.

Morning came sooner than I'd hoped. My alarm clock rang at eight but it felt like six. I slammed my hand down on the alarm clock, making the annoying beep stop. I groaned and rubbed my eyes. It was summer for pete sake! Why'd I have to get up so early?
Oh right. The cabin.

I rolled out of bed and went to my closet. I picked out a pair of blue jeans, my Harry Potter shirt and slipped on my red converse.
I told you my wardrobe was boss.

I grabbed my suit case and messanger bag and headed downstairs. My mom was sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and a bagel. My dad and Chris were in the living room watching TV. It was saturday, so neither of my parents had to work.

"Alright kiddo, you ready to go?" my mom asked. "Yep." I said. "Okay. Lemme finnish this bagel and cup of coffee and we'll get going." my mom said. "Kay." I replied back.

"Mia, come here and give your dad a hug before you go. I won't see you 'till July. I'm gonna miss you." my dad said. I set my stuff down by the island and went into the living room, leaning down to give my dad a hug. My brother Chris sat watching Tom and Jerry DVDs with my dad. Chris looked like my dad. He had brown hair just like him, and brown eyes. My dad was a fit man and always had a clean shave. I see why my mom picked him. He was a stud.
That's kinda weird to say about your dad, isn't it?
Oh well.

"Mia, Mia!" Chris said. "Yes, Chris?" I asked. He reached his little chubby two-year-old arms up and kicked his legs. A.K.A asking me for a hug aswell. I laughed and walked over to him and leaned down, giving him a great big hug. He let go and kissed my cheek. "Come home soon okay?" he said. I rubbed his head. "Of course I will." I said.
To bad that was the last time I'd ever see them.

My mom and I headed out the door and into the car, and headed to Layla's.

It was a fifteen minute drive to her house, twenty-five by foot, twenty by bike.

"Okay kiddo. Let's get going." my mom said. "Kay, see you guys in a month!" I said, leaving out the door to the garage. "Love you Mia!" my dad and Chris both called out. I responded with an 'I love you too'.

I hopped into the car and we headed out.

Let's skip all the boring details that have nothing to do with the story. We got to Layla's and I helped her and her folks get everything in her Aunt's car. While we waited we sat out infront of Layla's house and played with her dog, Kirk.
Yes, Layla has watched Star Trek.
I know, I was surprised as well.

Jake and Zack came five minutes before ten. Layla's Aunt Caroline wasn't so pleased about them coming so close to ten, the time we were supposed to leave. But we got all our things packed and headed out.

It was a two and a half hour drive to the camp. I still can't remember the name or location of it. I apologize. I sat infront with Layla's Aunt in her big, purple van. Jake sat behind me, Layla sat next to him and Zack sat behind Caroline.

I played My Sims Agents on my DSi for about half an hour, then I listened to my mp3 player and slept the rest of the way.

When I woke up, we were parked outside a medium sized green cabin. From what I could see, the paint was starting to wear off, there were holes in the screen window and screen door on the right side that I could see. Bug-o-mania I'm tellin' ya'.

One of the railings was broken in half on the stairs up to the cabin. Layla and everyone were already unloading their things into the cabin. While I just slept away letting the day pass me by. Sheez.

I stepped outa the car and swung my messenger bag onto my shoulder and headed twords the cabin.

There was a large, wide open area of just plain grass on both sides of the cabin. There was a dirt road seperating the cabin and the second large grass area. A large pine tree was standing next to the cabin.

"Don't worry Mia, we got everything in the cabin while you slept." Caroline said coming out of the cabin. "Oh, okay. Sorry, I really didn't mean to sleep so long." I said. "Haha, no no, it's perfectly fine. This is a vacation! Your not supposed to work!" she laughed. She walked and sat down on a lawn chair next to the pine tree.

I stood there looking out at what was around the cabin. Not much. Just a shed behind the cabin, a pile of wood, a place for a bon fire, a lake not far from the cabin, a bunch of land and a bunch of trees. But territory, man.

Just as I was looking around, I felt a cold feeling on the back of my neck. I set my bags down and felt the back of my neck. It was water. That could only mean one thing....

"JAKE!" I spun around to see Jake holding his little plastic water gun and holding back his laughter. "Jacob Ian Colt!" I yelled and darted twords him.

Okay, before you start thinking, "Dang, anger managment much?" or "Somebody has some anger problems." and stuff like that, let me tell you. I wasn't seriously mad. I don't get mad that easily. It takes great skill to make me mad. Jake knew I wasn't mad at him. We did this all the time. Do something to annoy the other, then chase eachother. It was great fun.

He burst out laughing and ran into the feild on the otherside of the dirt road. I followed. Layla and Zack stepped out of the cabin with juice pouches and sat next to Caroline to watch Jake and I wrestle eachother.

Jake and I reached about the middle of the feild when I pounced on him, making us both fall over. We both bursted out laughing. I still had my arms around him, and he had dropped his water gun.

I finally let go and we both layed on our backs, still laughing.
Oh God, I loved Jake. He was my best guy friend.
No, we're not, nor have we ever dated.

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