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Its what you see when you look in the mirror.
"Let your heart beat, your lungs breathe, your eyes see and your veins bleed." Silver Pool
The Before and After.
“A state of mind”
By Silver Pool

Sometimes its better not to indulge your morbid curiosities. For, in their entireties, they can easily disturb your views on life, love and humanity. And yet, though I was foolish enough to indulge mine, thanks to a luminous warmth, I have retained my sanity. She is light when even the stars dare not shine. She is compassion in the most soulless times of present. She is warmth, when the rest of this world lay frozen in a eternal darkness. She is my heart, when I have not the will to continue loving, living and being. My love, my life. Only you can soothe the ravenous creature that dare awaken, and bristling, instructs me to carry out the misdeeds that the rest of humanity simply condones as “normal”. She, to put it more rationally, is in essence myself. Now, not the one that would stand in before if our paths should ever cross. And not even the one whom is currently addressing you. She is my conscience. Something most of us seem to have. Though we don’t always hear or abide them, they remain steadfast. It is simply a dormant state of mind and a rational whisper within the majority of us. Something that is of us, but an entirely separate personality which has the ability to sway our decisions, straighten out our motives, and continually remind us what is wrong and what is, in a manner of speaking, right. Something strange you may or may not of noticed, was that I called my conscience a she. Well, that is because my conscience is every thing I am not. Kind, generous, and understanding. We can only try to obtain the perfection which lives barely beyond most of our grasps. Though, in doing so, would we not change the very fabric of who we are? Indeed, it be as though we are dead.

The Morning before

Let it be said that very man made by the hand of god possesses the ability to love. For to refuse to do so is to refuse to be of the father himself. And to that end, what is love? In my opinion, love is unconditional and steadfast. If I love you, and you hurt me, I should be able to love you enough to forgive you no matter what you did. That’s why I consider it steadfast, if it is indeed “true” love. Also, it should matter not what you skin color is, what your facial appeal is to others and myself, or if you’re here among the living, or beyond us in the presence of the father. Love is unconditional, and nothing should be able to cause it to waver.

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Sun Jul 18, 2010 @ 10:00pm
i love this one...for it has truth in its edge...

commentCommented on: Fri Jul 23, 2010 @ 02:44pm
Do you know how warm and loved you make me feel? You really are my other half darling. Nothing will ever cause our love to waver or brake. We are two love drunk puppies, and we'll never suffer the pains of a hangerover. The only thing that seperates us is different borders. You and me are alike. In so many ways, and our differences ballence us out. I love you my milk co-co-late bar.

Trippy Porno
Community Member
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