Hiya! Finally figured out how this site works, it seems pretty cool so far.

Anyways, I posted the 'Alone' prologue on here. It seems so-so just like all my ideas when i first get them down on paper. Soon i might post my other story which i have no name for yet. All i can say is that it involves vampires, finding a lost best friend/crush, and a Guardian Angel (before you even ask....No i don't like Twilight).

In other news, my friend Allison just wrote this totally awesome song and she can sing it too! We might just end up making a band, but were still minus the drummer and base player and maybe another guitarist. Until then, were still just another couple of wannabe's writing random songs and playing them in our parents garage...*sigh*. But I'm not sure i want to be in a band. I mean i can't choose between author and guitarist and (did i mention this before?) pilot.

Ah well, i don't have to worry about that until the end of high school (four more years of torture...). Yea, I'm just beginning high school after summer vacation. Some people say it sucks while others say it's a ton of fun.
I'm not gonna worry about that because...my birthday's in 17 days! I'm turning 14 on the 13th (yes it is friday the 13th sometimes).

Wow, i think I've done enough rambling today, bye for now!