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altering reality
The Suicide set.
These are part of my next series of poems.


I stand alone on the rocks
In the distance I see the docks
I could end this here and now
But to pain I will not bow.

Her death chilled me to the bone
If I had only known
But that was over long ago
So why do its effects still show

I live now in unending pain
Slowly my life it doth drain
In my mind with her I stay
But that shows not in what I say

Between these rocks I stand alone
In wind that chills to the bone
I will go on and live one more day
But after that I cannot say

Living Grave

All those days ago her life she gave
And now I walk in a living grave
My life meanes no more
And I stand on this shore

The pounding waves I notice not
This is the place I have sought
I am thrown against the rocks
And my feet feel like blocks

If I die to this wave
I will no longer be in a living grave
Those endless days will no longer pass
And on the rocks I shatter like glass

Sunset Suicide

I sit here and I watch the setting sun
Another day is now done
Far above, the waves pound
And I hear not thier sound

As I sit here and slowly fade
The surface looks like a wall of jade
My lungs burn like a raging fire
And from the pain I quickly tire

All goes white it cannot be
I Cannot die here in the sea
For the answer so hard I tried
I found resolve in sunset suicide.

Crimson River

A crimson river flows through my mind
On a ledge myself I find
I cannot end my life this way
Not after what happened that day

The cars go by far below
And my plight they will never know
I will not turn away and give-in to the pain
But if I close my eyes I'll go insane

Life with no meaning why do I go on
I feel not, those days are long gone
But if this is true then why can I feel pain
And I begine to blame myself again

Without one more thought I silently jump
And I hit the ground with an ungodly thump
And the crimson river in my mind overflows
As over the ground the blood puddle grows

Hollow eyes

My eyes are hollow, my soul is gone
As slowly comes this bloody dawn
No blood on the walls, or on the floor
Id hate to be the one who opens the door

The wind blows and I sway
Time creeps by through the day
This is how I end my pain
And keep from going insane

They'll come in and find me there
Hanging silently in the air
My funeral few will attend
And this is how my life does end

My eyes are hollow, my soul is gone
I met my end rhis bloody dawn
Whoever finds me I hope thet know
Not to burry me in her row.

Laying Awake

I lay awake through the night
And I wonder how to end this plight
The room is dark I am alone
But sleep, my mind will not condone

I try and try but sleep wont come
I begin to know what must be done
I have no reason left to live
There is no more this life can give

I lay awake all alone
All around seems monotone
I know i will not be missed
And silently I slit my rist

life Unending

My reason to live died long ago
For going on what have I to show
What is the point of continued life
When all it brings is unending strife

Though it may end a painful streak
Suicide is for the weak
But if not by suicide how will my pain end
When its caused by something impossible to mend

She stands beside me and tells me be strong
But still im not shure I can go on
My reason for life she stands here with me
I seen her die so how can this be

I want to join her, to be with me now
But she tells me to do not bow
I drop the gun and it hits the floor
It fires a shot an I live no more

Blood on our hands

Blood on our hands, the skies fire rain
As we go on in our eternal pain
Wars rage on as we walk the street
And kick the people who lay at our feet

The world is ending, that you should know
As slowly it begins to show
What is the point of life, were born to die
And our whole life we live a lie

The darkness consumes us all
Tear us apart as slowly we fall
Blood on our hands, the skies fire rain
As we go on, Eternal pain.

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Fri Feb 24, 2006 @ 11:25pm
depressing. thats the only word that comes to mind

commentCommented on: Tue Feb 28, 2006 @ 09:28pm
i like Crimson River and Sunset Suicide the best

Community Member
Mephisto Faust Pheles
Community Member
commentCommented on: Tue Jan 06, 2009 @ 06:33pm
Those are good poems.

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