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My journal has a head?
GaiaOnline Survey (062210)

1. How much gold do you have?
Currently? 145k, but that will soon be spent

2. How much gold do you want?
...A lot more

3. Are you questing? If so for what item(s)?
I really want Hyde's Bloodlust-- which seems impossible to obtain @ this point

4. What is the most expensive item on your avatar?
Dappy Dandy, ain't that Dandy : D (eff-tard...)

5. What is the most least expensive item on your avatar?
Berry Snug Balloon Skirt

6.What is your favorite item on your avatar?
Apparently these Hidden Ace contacts♥

7. What would you rate your avatar?
Out of a ten? Maybe an eight~

8. What item did you have before that was cheap, and now is really expensive?
If I could only name them all.. Probably the Verizon Glasses

9. Have you ever been hacked?
Thankfully, no P:

10. When did you join Gaia?
August 20, 2008-- So this will probably only be my second year

11. How many posts have you made?
Four hundred twenty-four, not a lot compared to some people >.>

12. How many accounts have you had?
Five, but I really only used this one :B

13. Have you ever been banned?
Naw ;D

14. Does your avatar represent anything? Ex. anime character?
I wanted it to be all orange but it ended up to be gold and hues of reddish brown..

15. What does your username mean?
Just my nickname with spaces

16. How many Gaian friends do you have?

17. Do any of your friends in real life go on Gaia?
Mhmm, majority quit. Only us true addicts remained 0;

18. How did you find Gaia?
Through Ann, thanks Nii-chan : D

19. What is your favorite forum?
Gaia Exchange

20. Are you popular on Gaia?
Uhm; I don't think so

21. Have you ever won an avatar contest?
In my imagination .-.

22. Have you ever been in the avatar spotlight?
..that too

23. What is your favorite store on Gaia?
Durem Depot♥ >;D

24. Who is your favorite NPC?

25. What is your least favorite forum?
Hot Topic Archives

26. How many years do you think you'll stay on Gaia?
It'll be an on and off thing, but I think a few more years. Maybe more

27. Is your avatar random? Cluttered? Or matching?
I'm very particular about what colors/items I put together, so matching c:

28. Are you in any guilds?
Thirty-two, but I join em' like Facebook pages P:

29. How many comments do you have in your profile?
Oi, I thought it was more than that. Four hundred fourty two

30. Do you talk about Gaia in the real world?
Just in seventh grade. Never again will I let that happen

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