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My rp characters.
Name: Anna Tracer
Age: Appears 19, actually 432.
Type: Vampire, Blue Phoenix, Black Dragon Hybrid
Bio: Born human to middle class adults that were killed in a vampire raid, turned after fighting off 2 of my attackers. Lived with the covenant for at least a hundred years before going rogue and wandering the world. I was attacked while hiking in south america and badly injured, but was soon found by a scouting phoenix, who brought me back to the fleet for care. I had to be infused with phoenix blood to live through the injuries, and therefore now have phoenix genes. After living with the fleet for several years, they sent me on a scout mission to an area in the ocean... a volcanic island that was suspected to have territorial competitors. Once I confirmed the report at fleet, I was sent back to observe, and became familiar with the natives... which were black dragon offspring just settling in the area. Learning their ways, I soon integrated into their society but got into a fight with their leader and unfortunately, ended up killing him. Being rebelled against by the whole black dragon society I was killed, an act of revenge for killing one of their own. A roaming dragon that I was friends with found my body and used her magic and revived me, in the process I was also infused with black dragon genes. I live now with high respect among all 3 societies, and am able to blend in very well with humans after gaining control over the phoenix and dragon attributes to suppress them when needed.
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