Rebellion time's Reaper
Awaken,my brothers and sister,alike.
Watch with me,as our town
is painted black and set afire.
to consume the one whom we call
The Liar.
Watch with me,as our town's ashes are set to
flight.Soaring red embers
in the dead of the night.The sky holds as dark
as Dear Death's reaping cloak,
For I tell you now,love,this be no joke.
The tower looms high over this
land,making us smaller,no matter
how tall we stand.
All that be left of this place
are the souls
of those whom were already damned to begin with.
And all the burnt hearts
from those with a stoned fate.

Rival's Turn
For me to chose your fate is
my own to wash my face clean.
Be it from the nasty times
that you broke all my dreams.
I could care less
of you and your antics.
Now all I want is this time on my own
To lick my wounds clean
from the damage you have done.