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Random words that spill from my finger tips
Title says it all :]
Ɍҽɗ ɣ Ƀʅɑϲқ: Chapter two, part one
xxɌҽɗ ɣ βʅɑϲқxx

I slowley opened my eyes. It was blurry at first, but then everything became clear. What I saw above me was what looked like a purple sky with light blue clouds. I squinted my eyes. Am I dreaming? I thought to myself. I began to sit up, but as I was, I felt a sharp pain on my palm. "Oww!" I yelped. I felt pain. I guess I'm not dreaming. I thought. I lifted up my hand palm side up and saw that a rock was stuck in it. I gently pulled it out and looked around. The ground looked like we were in a desert. Minus the sand. But it didn't feel hot. Infact, it felt nuetral. It wasn't to hot or to cold.
I looked around to try and find my friends. I spotted Layla lying flat on her back about 3 feet away. I stood up and ran over to her.
I kneeled down next to her and lightly shook her arm. "Layla, wake up!" I said. Her eyes slowley opened, and she immediatly sat up. "Mia, the sky is purple! Why is the sky purple?!" she shouted. "Uh, I have no idea. Let's find Jake and Zack and try to figure this out." I replied. We both stood up and quickly spotted Jack and Zack laying next to eachother about 5 feet away. We ran over to them and woke them up.
"So, now what?" Jake asked. "I don't know. First, we gotta find out where we are." I said. "There's a town over there." Zack said, pointing straight behind me. I turned around and sure enough, there was a town. I could make out brick houses, and grass. I could just barely make out people walking around. "Let's go!" I said as I began to run twords the town.
"Mia, are you sure we should go there?" Layla asked as she ran beside me. "It's got people. Where there's people, there's gotta be answers." I said. Jake and Zack were running directly behind us.
We reached the town in a meir 5 minutes of running. We stopped to catch our breath, and to think of something. I leaned against a brick building and crossed my arms. "So, when we find a person, what do we do? They'll think we're crazy!" Jake said. "Jake, no matter what we tell them, they're going to think we're crazy." I said. "Let's just walk around, and try and find someone that looks like they won't spazz after they hear our story." Zack said. "I agree with Zack." Layla said. "Alright. Let's go." I said, and we began to walk.
We walked passed a bunch of people, and all of them gave us smiles and waves. Eventually we walked into a market, after about 15 minutes of walking through nothing but streets of houses. We walked up to a fruit cart. "Uhm, excuse me ma'am." I said. She looked at me, then down at my wrist, then back up to my face. "Oh my goodness! You four should probably head to the town center for the graduation!" said an elderly woman. "Excuse me?"
"The graduation of young Master Makai's first team! They're graduating from Middle Class to Masters! Don't tell me you forgot!" the woman exclaimed. "Who's this 'young Master Makai'? And what are you talking about with this graduation deal?" I asked. I was really confused, and I could tell the other's were too. The woman shook her head and waved us away like we were flys and we were going to ruin her fruit.
We walked away, still close to the fruit cart. I looked around, no idea what to do. "Mia, look. Another person went to the fruit cart. Maybe we could ask her. She looks pretty young, so she might not be as stubborn as the older woman." Zack said, pointing to a semi tall girl, who looked around her twenty's. She had short brownish-red hair that sort of spiked out at the sides. From what I could see she had blue eyes. And then she had a blank tank-top on and grey skinny jeans with black boots over them, that went almost to her knees.
We edged a little closer to the cart so we could hear the two women talking.
"Master Makai, why are you not at the Town Center?" the fruit woman asked. "I thought I'd pick up some fruit before I go on. Gimme something to munch on while I wait." the apparent Makai said. So that must be the 'young Master Makai' the old lady was talking about. I thought. "Oh well you should probably just wait. You're going to be late!" the fruit woman said. "Nah." Makai said picking up an apple and handing the fruit woman some money.
Makai turned around and began to walk away. "Mia, we should go ask her!" Layla said as she pulled on my hoodie sleeve. "Okay okay!" I said as I ran over to Makai. "Uhm, excuse me miss, Makai, right?" I asked. She spun around and looked down at me. Though she wasn't that much taller. Maybe about 5 inches? "Yes?" she asked. "Uhm, I was hoping you could help us. We're kind of lost and don't know where we are or how we got here." I said. Makai looked down at my wrist, and her eyes widened. "Oh dear. Come with me, and I'll explain everything later." she said as she grabbed my wrist and started walking. I obviously had no choice but to walk with her, and everyone else followed me.

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