Hello, I'm
I look like
User Image
I’m from the
Earth Kingdom
I can bend
I tend to fight with
I have graced the land with my presence for
20 years
I’m known to be
Uhm... I don't really know what or who I am. I know what I am not though. I know I am not brave or beautiful or anything special. I can't bend, I don't need to be a hero or anything really, because I don't have the power to control an element or have the skill to hold a weapon. Why must anyone fight? What's the point of it all? I just want to get married and have my own family and just... well... I don't know. Why does anyone want to have more power? At the end of the day, making people sad and frightened isn't really satisfying. I believe there's only one kind of people really... just people. It doesn't matter about what you bend or how many techniques you have in your head or what you look like golden eyes or blue or brown or green... none of that really should matter... after all, you all need your mum and dad and want to be happy and you feel angry at the neighbour's kids when they break your vases.
In my past I’ve
I was born unspectacularly and did nothing really cool. I just went to school for a bit to learn to read and write, but then had to stop because mum and dad were getting very old and frail and I needed to look after little brother and sister. My sister and brother died you know. Mum and dad were so sad and heartbroken, they died as well. But I'm not sad anymore because I have my aunty and she is the best, she has so many great stories to tell, I work at her tea shop now. I have heard that the Fire Nation is planning another war and everyone is getting ready. Even aunty. My aunty is an Earth bender. I wish I could do something, but I'm not good at anything except making sure everyone leaves the teashop satisfied and just sewing the most amazing clothes. I have sewn earthbending clothes for aunty and she says I have a talent. That is enough.
I like
Stories, tea, rice, honeyed bread, pretty dresses, making clothes
I don’t like
Loud people, rowdy kids, fighting
Meet my puppet master


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Username: Lonedreamers
Name: Kestrel
Nickname: Dreamweaver, Smokeless firebender, nonbender, Idiot
Age: 20
Title: Student
Element: 'Fire'
Extra Abilities: Has dreams and prophecies, can actually see spirits like Iroh could, but she cannot talk with them. She actually can't bend fire, but she is convinced that she can and should because she comes from a long line of firebenders.
Weapons: Swordsmanship, fireworks, smokebombs, her chatty mouth
Bio: Kestrel was born in a family that once had glory in Ozai's days- she is a direct descendant of Admiral Zhao, but she barely knows the man, she barely knows anything of her grand family except that they are peasants now and that she has to perform in a circus with cheap fire tricks as well as tell people the meaning of their dreams. Kestrel has always had a knack for deciphering dreams, so she was nicknamed the dream-weaver. Actually, she has a lot of unkind names as well because of her chatty habits and her lack of finesse. But what the girl lacks for in class, she makes up for it with her energy, her resourcefulness and her staunch belief that history will never repeat itself. After all... there was no such thing as a winner in war.
Right now, she has had to leave her many siblings behind for a greater cause, to go and find the next Avatar, much like Zuko, but this time for a diplomatic reasons. Maybe history does have a repeating cycle, just like the avatar cycle. Or maybe not.
Extra info: Is convinced she's a firebender, but she can only make smoke.