Today I woke up and found myself in a curious place.

I was sitting Indian-style on top of an endless stretch of water. It was a clear azure color, with little peppermint leaves floating about. Whole lotus blossoms and petals hung motionless in the air, as if suspened from the vivid magenta sky.

Although I was sitting on the water as if it were solid, I could put my hand in it. It was pleasantly cool, and made my fingers tingle slightly. The air had a slight tang of mint, explained by the leaves swirling in the water.

Then the strangest animal swam up from the depths. He appeared to be a large spotted whale, with a single spiral horn protruding from his face. He introduced himself as Butler the Narwhale, and invited me to share tea.

I accepted, not wanting to be rude, and was presented with a lovely china cup that was filled with a delicious red sort of herbal tea. I collected a few peppermint leaves, and added them to the tea as well.

We soon finished our tea, and began to chat. He told me, in his strange, melodic voice, not to fear the strange world I had found myself in. I agreed, and he swam off, back to his home in the seabed.

Meanwhile, I blinked and found myself in my own bed again.