Ӓʃεӄø "Ӓʃεҁ" Қøѵɾąș


~~Kneeling roses, disappearing ~~
~~into moses’ dry mouth~~
~~Breaking into fort knox~~
~~stealing our intentions~~

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Aleko rides up to the school, he pulled into the front spot just in case he needs to leave faster then usual."Hopefully someone here will understand what I've been through with my family." He mumbled pulling off his helmet and pulling his side-bag over his head, he walked up to the school gates.

When Aleko got his room number he saw that his room was 40. "40? How many rooms are there in this school?" Alec wondered allowed going to his hallway. He threw his stuff in the room, then turned around and headed towards the lobby. "Do you have a map?" Alec mumbled towards the clerk. She glanced up and studied him for a moment before handing over a map,"May i ask what you are looking for, honey?" She asked when Aleko opened the map, "No thanks, i think I've got it." Walking away he decided he would go to the garden first, somewhere peaceful for a change might help him get use to his new school.

~~Hangars sitting dipped~~
~~in oil, crying, “Freedom!”~~
~~Handed to obsoletion still~~
~~you feed us lies from the tablecloth~~