Why the hell are relationships so ******** complicated. What the hell am I suppose to do. Obviously something is wrong. I obviously ******** up. But, I honestly have no idea what I did. They've been gone for weeks and I haven't talked to them. I've been worried. Turns out they've been home for almost a week now. Seriously. Not the business. Who does that? Urgh. Some how I ******** up and it's really frustrating me. I don't even know what I did. Maybe I sent the wrong text to the wrong person and they took it the wrong way? IDK kill meh now. stare This whole day is just a ******** of frustration and emotion.

I've been playing kingdom hearts for the first time. Shocking isn't it? I mean I know what happens through out the whole thing. But, I've never actually played it. O.O So now I'm playing it. And might I add that it frustrates the hell out of me. It's quite similar to all the final fantasty games and stuff. But I wasn't a big fan of all the FF games. They frustrated me. Just like how this game is frustrating me.

But at least my brain is working haha.


You wouldn't believe how excited I am for halloween. I'm going to be jigglypuff biggrin . A slutty jigglypuff haha. I decided not to buy a costume because it would just be a waste of money for me haha. I wonder what me and the homies are gonna do. Oh the joy of seeing all the people in costume running around. I think for the first half I'll be handing out candy. Then later hang out with my friends. l;ajksdflksdjf EXCITEMENT!!

<3 Winter/Fall is my favorite time of the year.