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My Randomness
You may find this journal annoying or peculiar or brilliant(though i doubt it) depending on who you are. if you don't like what i have written, then do not read it. all that is there is just a torrent of words from the back of my mind.
so...................................... it has been a while since i first began writing this. at first i did this every single day.....but now......... i cbb.

today i'm feeling quite relaxed but a slightly bit pissed. because if you did read the previous entry, you should know that my birthday is tomorrow. AND my friends wanted to have a birthday/halloween party at my house so i asked my mum (in front of my sis) and then my mum said no and my sister started to just bag out my friends.... i mean... seriously. when i say one little comment that i don't like how her friends are so brand obsessed, she gets totally pissed at me and doesn't talk to me. but then, she just kept bagging my friend out and going on and on and on about how they always use us for something.... and they have only been here once before (with exceptions to one of my friends who is family friends)

anyways. there also is another girl called veira........ and she's a new kid. i may or may not have talked bout her before but she CANNOT SPEAK ENGLISH!!!!..... and she just follows me around when we have classes together and then she goes on her little asian websites full of chinese writing and all that stuff.

i mean, i'm not being racist cause i myself am chinese (though i can't speak it cause the last time i went to chinese school i just bludged my way through till 4th grade then i stopped cause it was so bad and didn't know anything) my self.... but her accent is soo thick that i can barely understand her,,, and what i've heard... her chinese isn't that good too....

anyways. on a happier note, i have touch footy tomorrow which is good biggrin cause i LOVE touch footy (if you don't know what it is LOOK IT UP!!!) AND i also have pe which will be fun cause we're playing bench ball (once again, if you dont know what this is LOOK IT UP!!! cause it is really fun... it is like netball ) AND i'm so glad to have my normal maths teacher again (cause the last time my teacher had to teach her year 12's instead of us so we got a crappy annoying teacher) and this time i can actually appreciate her cause she is a really good teacher.

as well as this, i've got science which i really LOVE. partially because i always play games during our lesson :S AND i have 4 other lovely friends... though one's in japan on exchange... who make science really fun and enjoyable. biggrin

so yeah biggrin thats all on my mind and yeah biggrin

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