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RPC's and Settings!
Title says it all...
RPC: Cáel
Name: Cáel (KAY el)

Race: Half-demon

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 160 lbs

Theme: Shoot it Out by 10 Years

Appearance: Cáel has a... unique appearance. He has wild crimson hair that's carelessly layered giving him a messy look. His skin is slightly tanned and his body is toned. His eyes are the most frightening part of his appearance. Where normal peoples' eyes are white, his are entirely black with golden-yellow irises. He has several piercings. One on his brow and snake bites with a piercing in between. Cáel also has a tattoo of an upside-down triangle on his left cheek. His ears are also pointed like that of an elf and he sports two cuffs on his left ear. He can usually be seen wearing a dark brown coat with a tan colored fur lining on the hood and a plain white t-shirt underneath. His stonewashed jeans are dark blue in color. His shoes are usually plain black Converses.

Personality: Cáel tends to be a bit quiet and reserved. It's not that he's shy, he just doesn't believe in talking when it isn't necessary. Around others, he can seem a bit cold hearted though inside, he's just as sensitive as everyone else. This side of him merely hides behind his demonic exterior. He can be brutally honest at times without caring for the feelings of others. He usually tries to do what's right when he finds himself in a difficult situation. Cáel likes to lend a helping hand which usually ends up surprising people.

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If anyone would like to do a commission of Cáel please let me know! This image is just a rough sketch I drew after I dreamt him up so I wouldn't forget his features. I would like to have a more 'finished' work.

Weapon: Cáel carries a 50 cal desert eagle. It's not the prettiest pistol ever but it definately gets the job done. He keeps it in a holster strapped on his right thigh and usually hidden under his coat.

User Image

History: Cáel's story began when his mother, Nazuri, fell madly in love with a demon. The demon used his mother for his own selfish pleasures until she no longer pleased him. But unlike his former wives, the demon couldn't kill Cáel's mother and instead just left, never to be heard of again. The loss of her love made Nazuri go insane. She would repeatedly try to harm herself as a way to deal with the pain. Cáel grew to hate his father for ruining the woman his mother used to be. He couldn't bring himself to institutionalize her. Now he constantly cares for her and when he's not with her, she may call several times a day in tears.

((A photo of Nazuri.))
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    Thu Mar 31, 2011 @ 06:59pm

    I likey ^_^

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